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  1. import from BK

    Thank you Jim,I will prepare and send you some examples of the missing dates at least in hoping thre is nothing else .
  2. I import all my data from BK with Gedcom on my Laptop first to make a test before I transfer it to my PC. I notice that I am missing a lot of main dates i.e birth,death. For example: on Details, Person view. the main person has no death date but there is on when you go further down, children birth date are there but not always on Children, same as Siblings, some are missing. On Family View all date are there. And so on, I colud give more examples. Can you tell me what to do.?
  3. Thank you. I must try in order to find out about the advantages of TMG over BK. In the meantime I suppose both program and their complete data can cohabit together on the same PC witout any problem. Can I ask you one more question about the TMG in relation with the French culture of Québec. Is it completely respectfull despite the fact it is translated in french?
  4. I am surprise to find out that Bk does not figure on the list. Then what should I know befor transfer?