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  1. searching expanded pick list

    Whoops, missed that the accents were turned off...
  2. searching expanded pick list

    This happened to me when I switched from TMG 7.04 to TMG 8. Turned out that my Accents had switched from Flags to relationships (i.e. "Is an ancestor or descendant"). Once I fiddled a bit and changed back to having my Accents tied to Flags, everything was OK. Hopes this helps Loni
  3. Thanks Liliana. I have done this as well on both computers, as well as the other published fix with the "cmd" fix which has been sent to me and published on the RootsWeb TMG list as well. I haven't heard back from Support since I sent them the requested Trouble Reports, but I know that they are snowed and since I can do my reports in Word I am willing to be patient ...
  4. All of my report formats are working wonderfully, and I love the improvements to the report writer, except I too am having problems with .pdf reports on 2 different computers, My laptop running Windows 7 64 bit (message: "The module 'cdintf400.dll/u' failed to load. Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check it for problems with the binary or dependent .DLL files. The specified module could not be found". And on my desktop running Windows 7 32 bit: "OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered." I have been in touch with technical support, back and forth. They just asked for trouble reports, so I know they are working with it. I am sure they are buried with all the bits 'n pieces of problems that a new version of TMG creates. If there is a fix out there, I would love to have it as well.
  5. Viewing all the citations for a given person

    I do it a different way. When I am want to see how much evidence I have, I generate an individual detail report with both footnotes and a bibliography, and save it to screen. I can then examine the citations I have for each tag, as well as check for spelling, form of footnotes, and inconsistant dates for birth, marriages, births of children, military service, etc. This works better for me than trying to look for all this on the individual detail box.
  6. Still Waiting For Version 8

    I have been following this conversation with much interest, since my husband and I have postponed purchasing new computers 'til TMG 8 was released. We were going to do this at Christmas...and are still on our old computers. We love TMG and the features it offers, and have spent a lot of time learning to use it and make it work. However, the delay in issuing TMG 8 is starting to worry us, since we spend a lot of time working on genealogy (retired). Also, there has been NO newsletter since March, whereas the newsletters appeared frequently. We switched to TMG in 2003 from a program where no updates had been forthcoming for years, and of course it took a long time to make our data read the way we wanted. So with no news on TMG v. 8, and no newsletters, we wonder if Wholly Genes is running out of steam. We dread making a switch to another program, but don't want to invest in conforming our data to TMG if there are to be no new updates.