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  1. Children in Tag Box

    Thanks, Terry, but I see no "Filtered"- red or otherwise. Oops- I just right clicked on a tag and a drop-down appeared containing "show children." A click on that restored the children! Hooray! I guess when things don't go right I need to be braver, but honestly, I'm too timid to do so! Thanks again, Muriel
  2. Up until a few days ago sons and/or daughters, when added to a parent's Person View always appeared, chronologically in the parents' tag boxes, as well as in the Children's window. Now they are only appearing in the Children's window.. I'm not conscious of doing anything to make this happen. How do I get them back to appearing in both places? Thank you- Muriel Parker
  3. Using Windows 7, TMG v 8- I am having trouble copying a person from one data set to another. The latest problem is - Trying to copy Christine ID# 1:1000 . Opening Project Explorer - she comes up ID 7:1008 (no Christine 1:1000 found.) Proceeding anyway to Copy Person under Add and following instructions, "no qualifying person" comes up. What to do? Muriel