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  1. Serialnumber lost

    Jim, Thanks for this info and your other note. I've just sent an email to Harry Goegebeur to see about getting the latest version of TMG. I'll run this to ground first before thinking about my older version 7.04. Regards, Jim
  2. All, Are the TMG v.9 copies discussed above available on disk or only downloadable over the internet? I would like to have a hardcopy offline. Also, I assume that my TMG v.7.04 data back-up would upload to the newer version of TMG. Can anyone verify this? Thanks much, Jim
  3. Hello TMG Group, I have a working version of TMG v.7.04 on a computer that is beginning to experience problems. I downloaded this from the website and I don't have a back-up copy on disk. Does anyone have experience backing up TMG onto a disk from a valid installation on their computer, and then installing this back-up copy on a new computer? I tried copying all files I could find associated with my TMG application to a hard disk, and then pasting them in the same file structure locations on another laptop, but this did not result in a working version of TMG. So obviously I did something wrong, or there is another way of doing this. Any helpful comments? Best regards, Jim
  4. Serialnumber lost

    Hello Viper2004, Did you discover anything by following up on the suggestions you received? My current version 7.04 still works fine, but it is on a computer that is beginning to have issues. Thought I had a back-up disk from when I purchased it, but it must have been a download from the site. I tried to copy all files to a new laptop to see if that would solve my problem, but it didn't work. Could be that I just didn't do this correctly, but then I would need someone to guide me through this process. I also thought about upgrading to v. 8 or 9, but don't see how to do this anywhere on the Wholly Genes site. I'm a little surprised about that. Best regard, Jim
  5. Has anyone managed to use diacritical marks in TMG tags? I have tried using Character Map with various character sets and formats, but without success. I have searched the forums and have tried the few suggestions found there, but again with no success. The language giving me problems is Polish, for example the letter ł. Any suggestions?