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  1. Removing TMG7

    Thanks for the info. I had the options already set previously for other things. I did reinstall the v7, went through the whole thing but it didn't exactly overwrite the original one and when I went to uninstall, that one came off but the original one was still stuck in the programs and features. So I decided to just go back into the registry and do a FIND for all the v7 and finally got it off. I've done computers for a long time and many times had to do registry to completely remove certain things, especially some that came from the internet and wouldn't come off. The v7 was a little bit of a problem but now fixed. Thank you for replying and letting me know of a different way to do it too.
  2. I was trying to remove the TMG 7 since loading the v8. I also removed other stuff relating to it in the registry since I am comfortable doing this. Anyway, I had to do a restore due to another problem with something else, sure enough the v7 was back in and now I cannot uninstall it at all. It tells me the installlog is not there. I tried to find it and even loaded the v7 disk to find it in the properties files and cannot find it. Can anyone help on this please? Thank you.
  3. I had been using Family Tree and a friend had me getting TMG V7. I have been entering information into it but I find that it is so complex to use in comparison even though it is nice for many details. To make me feel better, can you please advise me as to what the advantages are of using TMG vs. Family Tree which is much more simpler to use? I am not a professional genealogist. Thank you.
  4. Add Person

    Thank you for your great answer. Never thought about the surname. Usually if I don't know the full name either first or last, I add the word 'unknown' + the first or last name. I am a simple detailed person, I don't like complicated programs, this is the easiest way. So what you have said makes good sense. Thank you very much.
  5. Add Person

    I am trying to type in information from obituaries that list a deceased person's siblings but parents' names are unknown in there. When I start to add the person under sister or brother, I get a window that tells me that no parents are listed. How do I fix this so that I can add the siblings without knowing the parents' names? Thank you.