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  1. Am running Windows 7 64-bit with all current Microsoft maintenance. Ran TMG V8.04 and requested upgrade to V8.07 per your announcement e-mail that arrived this morning. Download & install proceeded flawlessly. Went to restart TMG V8 and it hung with a "white screen" across both my monitors. Windows system monitor showed no activity on TMG task. Waited and waited and waited until I couldn't stand it any longer. Ended up cancelling the task. Attempted to reinstall TMG V8.04, but install failed saying a more current version was installed. Ended up having to delete TMG completely, then install TMG V7 and apply my initial upgrade to TMG V8.00 then TMG V8.04. At least have TMG back to a state where I can run, but not at all happy with the upgrade to V8.07. An upgrade that won't install successfully and forces a drop-back to a prior version is worse than useless...