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  1. got my outlook running but may have lost outlook data file with the tmg registration key any way I can get my registration key back? I purchased tmg silver several years ago. I know it's out of production but I still like it .
  2. thank you Jim! I should have the registration key if I can get my windows ms outlook running correctly again to pull the key from an old email folder. May take me another day or so to come up with it.
  3. I had a copy of tmg 9 silver. old laptop died (windows 10) replaced laptop (windows 10) need to get tmg 9 back if possible can someone help? thanks, Martin Meadows Indianapolis, In
  4. Ahnentafel generation is crashing TMG v7

    I took another shot at the installation and it ran to completion. Was able to generate the report. Thank you Virginia!
  5. Ahnentafel generation is crashing TMG v7

    Oops. Trying to load v8 ... it crashes.
  6. Ahnentafel generation is crashing TMG v7

    yes, 64 bit Virginia. Thanks, I'll try out v8. Thought I successfully had used v7 for Ahnentafel reports in the past. Guess not :-).
  7. Running on Windows 7 with TMG v7. Ahnentafel generation is generating lots of pop up errors, failing to generate reports in pdf or rtf and eventually locking up or crashing the Application. Is this something easily explained or resolved or do I need to provide all the gory details? Is it better if I just upgrade to v8? thanks very much for your help. Martin Meadows
  8. Editing Tag Fields

    Terry: I got this working. I was editing the principal role for that tag instead of the head of household role. When I added the CR & TAB into the head of household role it worked fine. Thanks very much for your help. I checked out your TMG tips, too. They're excellent. Thaks again!
  9. Editing Tag Fields

    [:CR:][:TAB:][P] was census 1850 - free <[D]> <[L]> is the default sentence in the tag type list for census 1850 - free the only thing different is the CR & TAB which I inserted at the start of the line. I assumed that this would cause the automatically generated text for the 1850 census data to appear on a newline. It does not. Perhaps the CR and TAB are special characters? I just typed them in as they are seen above.
  10. Editing Tag Fields

    Thank you Terry. In advanced mode I can edit the field. When I used the following, however, it didn't seem to add the CR and TAB in the report : [:CR:][:TAB:][P] was census 1850 - free <[D]> <[L]> Did I get the CR and TAB entered correctly?
  11. Editing Tag Fields

    When generating a journal report I noticed that my census events are all run together into a single paragraph. I want to automatically start a new paragraph for each census tag. I went to tag field editing, selected, "census 1850 - free". I clicked on edit, selected roles and sentences but can't edit "male sentence structure" where I'd like to insert a CR at the start of the thing. Perhaps this isn't the correct way to do this? I'm a former UFT user and new to TMG. I checked the FAQs and didn't see this topic covered there. Thanks for any assistance you can provide!