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  1. Photo/Exhibit - Backup Recovery

    What about internal exhibits? Are these backed up automatically with a TMG backup?
  2. Terry, it worked perfectly. The report is just what I was hoping for. I have not used reports and filters very much. I can now see how useful they can be. Thanks again, Tom
  3. Is there a way to print a report of all of the events associated with a person or place. When I display the Master List of Places, I can select to display the events for a specific place. For example, if the place is a cemetery, I can select the events associated with the place, which are burials for individuals. However, I can't find a way to print the list of events. A report of the list of events, i.e., individuals buried in that cemetery, would be helpful when visiting a cemetery in order to have a list of those people that I would like to get a photo or rubbing of their headstone. Likewise, a report of the list of events for an individual could be useful when researching an individual and being able to check if an event has been captured and also to be able to check the date and details of the event. I am not always able to take my laptop with me so having a hardcopy report would be helpful. Thanks, Tom