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  1. I absolutely agree. To be honest, I felt cheated for buying v.7 over v.6.
  2. TMG v.8 is here! At Charleston NGS

    Well at least the cruise ship is still sailing. Woo hoo!
  3. TMG v.8 is here! At Charleston NGS

    Looks like v.7 to me. Still based on FoxPro? Think I will skip this iteration, but thanks for the links.
  4. The Future for TMG

    The lack of communication is infuriating and comes across as sullen towards users. "There will be no wine before it's time" doesn't fly in 2011. There should have been regular updates all along, even if no specific release dates were mentioned. A few static screen captures that never got updated really is a disservice. The only thing TMG has going in its favor is equally inept competition. Legacy and RootsMagic are equally problem-riddled. FTM is like a bloated corpse.
  5. The Future for TMG

    Email lists are things of the past. Email pretty much is too. This board and the whole look of the product and its image need a drastic revamp. From the tired old Mistral font logo to the horrid quill icon, the program smacks of age.
  6. The Future for TMG

    There is a preview of v8 here. Virginia That preview really isn't much, is it? It's just a bunch of old FoxPro screen caps that never got updated since posting months and months ago. One would have thought there would even be YouTube videos by now showing the product. Bob V. and group may be OK developers but they suck at self-promotion. It shows in the dwindling numbers of users, too. The switch away from FoxPro will test their programming mettle. I look forward to that. The co. needs a marketing manager in the meantime.
  7. I am a new user of the program and have a lot of questions about best management practices regarding data entry. Is there a sample real world data set I could look at before I start entering a bunch of material and later find out I have done it all wrong Is there a better place to ask newcomer questions rather than this forum? Thank you.