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  1. TMG 7.04 [to last available version?]

    Thanks Jim and Terry Terry
  2. I have The Master Genealogist version 7.04 which I bought in 2010. I have never really used it. I currently use Family Tree Maker 2012 but have been saving TMG for when I get really serious. I did transfer FTM to TMG but got mixed results and did not want to go into the detailed and time-consuming process of doing thousands of peoples' information-transfers one by one... so it sits as is until I can dive into this project headfirst. My question is... when I start using this do I need to upgrade to the last available version before they become hard to get? And if I need to upgrade where do I get the last version? Version 9? Thank you for your expertise in this matter.
  3. Problem reinstalling TMG 7

    Just getting my first post in.