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  1. 4/28/12, 23:02 Computer: Fujitsu Lifebook N6470 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5740 @ 2 GHz OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, 32-bit I just bought and installed the TMG v8 Gold upgrade to TMG v7. My programs folder now shows two TMG programs, v7 and v8. Should I uninstall v7 now that I have v8 or should I leave both of them on my computer?
  2. 4/29/12, 9:55 Thanks for the quick reply Robert. After reading your comment, I started v7 this morning and backed up all my projects then closed the program. Started v8 and restored the projects I had just backed up. Opened v8 and made sure my projects were all there then closed the program. Opened my computer's "control panel", selected TMG v7, and clicked "uninstall". The process started and the informational windows came up asking if I wanted to delete some shared files, I clicked "No" to all similar questions. Another informational window popped up asking if I wanted to do a "Rollback". I clicked "No". The process continued and was done in no more than 3 minutes. Afterwards I noticed that the v7 folder still was visible in my start menu, although it was empty (no contents). So I right-clicked on the folder and selected properties to find the file location (path). I copied the path and pasted it into windows explorer. Scrolled down to find the v7 folder. I made sure it was empty before deleting it. Now my start menu only shows v8. Perfect! I started v8 and again checked that all my projects were intact. They were...I backed them up again anyway. Thanks again for your reply Robert. The whole process worked like a charm. Ed