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  1. A fine mess

    Hello, Typical Laurel & Hardy style, I've gotten myself into a fine mess. I have a huge database that comprises my entire family and my husband's as well. I made a copy of it, thinking I would delete some people and use the rest for a specific purpose, and I did indeed delete a lot of people. That plan didn't work out, however, so I turned to other matters. Subsequently, I did a ton of research on one of my family lines and entered it into my database. To my chagrin, I just discovered that I wasn't entering this new research into my "MAIN FILES" database, but rather had inadvertently failed to switch back to "MAIN FILES" from this aborted extra database that I'd created and deleted parts of. I can't stand the idea of entering each individual, along with his/her mates and descendants and all the attached sources and notes, all over again into the "MAIN FILES" database. Is there a realistic way to copy an individual and his/her attachments from this erroneous database over into my actual "MAIN FILES" database? I tried to "copy person" from my project explorer, and the screen offered me the option of copying it into a dataset called "Main" that had been imported back in 2004. I'm sure this was my original import when I got on TMG and I have no idea what's in it. The "dataset" term is confusing to me, because "MAIN FILES" is the only database I know of that is current. What is the difference between my database and a "dataset?" The database is a .pjc file and I have no idea what a dataset is, since it only offers me this one from 2004 that I don't recognize. Can someone help me get un-lost and save me from my own mess? Many thanks, Len
  2. A fine mess

    "Alternative... A more efficient process would be to create a new project with just the added people from the new project. You could create a new flag and mark all of the new people with a flag and use the secondary output option of the List of People report to copy the people with the flag to a new project. You would then use the process described above to get those persons to your original project. "More... Using the List of People report, you could probably filter for the Last Edited date and set the flag for all of the new people in one step." ---------------------------------- Jim, I have renamed the projects and datasets and backed both up. Looking at the project explorer I can tell that my changes go back to May 2 and I can sort them there. Would either/both of the methods you described (merge all, or create a new database and merge) also pick up links to people who were added prior to May 2, and would they also pick up changes made after May 2 to people who existed on/prior to May 2? The new research added people but also modified dates and notes for many who were already in my database prior to the date I made the error. Thank you so much for your help - Len
  3. A fine mess

    Thank you for your reply. I read through the Projects and Data Sets page and now have a tiny bit better understanding - though, honestly, I'm still confused. What I did was just copy the project and make changes to the copied project. These changes go back to May 2, which was the last time I changed my "good" project (the one I intend to keep but which is missing my new inputs). But there is only one data set, or so it appears. If I have both projects open at once, in two different windows, and I look at the data set manager in each window/project, each window/project shows the same data set name, exactly. Are there actually two data sets, one in each project? So if I edit the name of the data set in Project #2 (the copy), it won't affect the name of the data set in Project #1 (the original)? I hope this doesn't make me appear too dumb ... but if the shoe fits.... Thank you for your patience! Len
  4. I have been side-tracked for some time with illness in my family and am just now addressing a problem I have. I have a large database on TMG 7.04 on my old computer (Win7) and have since purchased a new laptop on which I also have Win7. I would like to update to TMG 9. I sent an email to the address listed in the "final install" post several days ago but haven't gotten a reply. Does that still work? Also, will I be able to back up my TMG 7.04 and restore to TMG 9 to use my database? I understand that TMG isn't supported any longer but I really love the program and want to use it for as long as possible. Thank you for any assistance. Len
  5. I have emailed Harry twice but still haven't had a reply. Thank you, Jim, for the TMG7 installer so I could get that installed on my new computer as a stopgap measure, and I've done that. I'd really like to upgrade to TMG9, though. Is Harry okay? Len
  6. I contacted Harry on March 2 about buying the TMG9 license and still haven't heard from him. I contacted him again today. I am going on a genealogy research trip on April 3 so I am concerned about getting my data transferred to my new computer in time. If I don't hear from him soon, and if I can find my original TMG7 download file from my old computer, can I copy it and install TMG7 on the new one?
  7. Thank you very much, Terry. I haven't been on this forum for years, but I'm glad to see you're still around. You saved me many headaches when I was getting started with TMG.
  8. Is this new word processor library slated to come out with TMG8, or will it be a patch? And is there any (even rough) timeline on it? I have been dealing with this aggravating problem for over a year now, having upgraded to TMG7 without realizing I would lose my ability to print in Word. It was a function I used consistently, and I have had to keep my old computer alive for all this time just for that feature.