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  1. Hyper Text Markup Output

    Looking at the H_T_M_L output I generated I saw an [as name=e1], [as name=e2], etc. None of my references and searches reveal what it is. It appears to be a varient of the [a] tag especially when the closing tag is [/a]. What version of H_T_M_L did that come from? Chris
  2. Is there any harm or pitfalls if I change the source category from "Custom" to "as drawn from "Evidence" (E.S.Mills)" in an existing project?
  3. What is the purpose/intent of the "Reference" field in this dialog? TIA Chris
  4. Narratives - Where?

    Hi all! What is the best template to use for a narrative on an individual such as "Joe Doe was a town selectman for so-and-so years and lived in the place that was paved over by the new interstate"? What about commentaries on a family as a whole? Thanks all! Happy New Year! Chris
  5. Too many ibids!

    I have cases when I create a Descendancy Narrative on an individual I'll have as many as three (ibid.) references after the name. My source for these individuals is a single book right now so yes I'll see them a lot but what have I done to cause the multiples. It's like I have frogs in my PC (ibid-ibid-ibid)! Thanks all!