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  1. Edit: I have been able to fix this by backing out a couple of recent Windows updates (KB2510581 and KB2544893 , ones not recommened by Windows Secrets) I have also had a similar error: Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2011.07.09 07:09:21 PM. Error log file: C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7\VFP9Rerr.log Called from - tmgmain line 556 {C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7\tmg\programs\tmgmain.prg c:\program files\the master genealogist v7\tmg7.exe} It has occurred half a dozen times in a row, on a couple of different projects (one was the sample project). It has occurred each time that i have tried to access the 'File' menu - I don't click on anything in the File menu, it happens when i invoke the menu. I am on XP, and running the UK version. This has only just started happening. Your help would be appreciated. - Tim
  2. Jim, Thanks for that - I did as you said and created a new data set, from which i could export both the Gurney and Mills sources types. I then imported the Gurney source types into my project, which went well. I used a prefix to isolate them. I'm not sure if I will use all of them as some of the templates actually have less fields in them than the templates that I imported from UFT. Further, they don't have any Reminders which I was hoping for to get my thinking about Sources straight in my head. On a whim I also imported the Mills source types (also using a prefix) and I expected to see these in my list of available source types too - but i don't. Am I right in thinking that Gurney source types are seen as a form of Custom source types, and since I have Custom source types active I can see them? Does this also mean the only way i can see Mills source types is to make these active for my project (which will then trash all of the sources i currently have and rob me of the ability to add my own custom types)? Hmm, the harsh realities of source types! - Tim
  3. I have been fiddling around converting a UFT project to a TMG project, and all has gone well so far. I now want to clean up my sources, and add some more. The sources i have available to me are the custom sources that i brought over from UFT. I really want to be able to create new sources based on a TMG standard, but not lose the sources and citations that i already have. I have a couple of questions; 1. I see that I can switch from my custom sources to some TMG supplied ones, but I am surprised to see that I have Mills and Lackey as options, but not Gurney - I thought this was included in the UK edition? I was thinking Gurney might be the best for me as my sources are Australian and UK 2. If I change my source list from Custom to, say, Mills, will I lose any existing imported sources and citations? In reading the on-line help, esp regarding Initialisations i find things a little unclear. Thanks, - Tim
  4. Michael, Thanks for that - I can see (at least part of) the discussion at http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/r...9-01/1230832200. Just looking through this, the arguments seem to come down to; Method 1. Record the parents as witnesses to the child’s birth • Would not be able to turn on/off for printing except globally • Unforeseen consequences (esp. in reports) • Quicker as tags exist • No need to create new ‘Childbirth’ (or similar) tag • Can have other roles in the tag (step parents etc) Method 2. Create a separate tag for childbirth • More flexibility esp. with reporting • Need to create new tag, then assign it to parents and child • Keeping new tag aligned with birth and relationship tags • Double-up recording sources • ‘Cluttering up’ individual detail screens With either method there is no way to automate this. Can others comment - does sum up the two methods adequately?
  5. I hope someone can help. I am inthe process of transferring my data from UFT and despite some excellent help from articles there is an issue I'm a bit stuck with. Under UFT my birth events involved a child and parents. I had text set up so that when a person had a child, they had a sentence appear in their event that wrote narrative saying something like "At age 20 Ralph and Jenny had a child Anne born ..." etc. Under TMG I'm not sure this is possible. When a child is born to parents a 'Dau-bio' tag shows the relationship but no sentence can be created in the parents narrative. In other words, in the parents narrative the birth of a child goes unremarked. Since I am importing my records from UFT, is there a way I can do the import (or set up TMG) so that these sentences still exist for the parents? I want this to be the default for all parents. - Thanks!