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  1. Death tag sentences

    Two other roles I have added are: Informant - for the person noted on the death certificate as such. Physician - I have many Drs noted on the death certificate who were also family members
  2. Residence at an event

    Res-Event Tag Roles of Resident and Wife At the time of [M1]< in [Y]>, [RF:Resident]<|and [RF:wife]> resided<at [DETAIL]>< in [L]>. <[M2].> M1 is the event e.g. M1 = his death RF:Resident = John Doe Y = 1925 Gives you: At the time of his death in 1925, John Doe resided at 111 Main Street in Some County, Ohio. If you want to include the wife just assign role of "Wife" Can be used for about any event in the person's life. I have used it for draft registration, death, census, father's death, etc. I don't remember if this was from an idea that someone posted on TMG-L or not, if so thanks to that person.
  3. Source details

    For some general ideas on TMG suggest you visit Terry Reigel's TMG Tips at: http://tmg.reigelridge.com/index.htm Three pages are on census entry: http://tmg.reigelridge.com/Census.htm http://tmg.reigelridge.com/Census-Tag-Expanded.htm http://tmg.reigelridge.com/Census-Tag-Basic.htm Most of the census schemes use roles for other people in the household and work very well. On my birth certificate tag I have a role for "informant" and enter the person IF he is currently in my database, same for death certificates. In most cases but not all the informant will be a relative but sometimes it is a neighbor or doctor. Then you have to decide if you want the person in your db. You can use a conditional sentance llike <[M1]><[R:informant]> then the info will print if either info is in M1 or R:informant. I like the role best as the role sentance would read something like: John was the informant listed on May's death certificate issued on July 11, 1949. (This would show up on the informant's narrative)
  4. Finding Orphans

    I have found that Genviewer from Mud Creek Software to be an excellent tool for locating orphans and strays. Just open its "Islands" tab and you will have a list of your main collection and others not connected (Islands). You can find it at www.mudcreeksoftware.com. It will read a TMG file directly.