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  1. Hi Terry - yes should have made that clear. FTM clearly lacking in this area. FH on the other does a very good job. I even tried out TMG > Roots Magic 7 but found that to be quite flaky. Thanks for your input. Regards David
  2. Hi Guys I have been playing around with a trial version of Family Historian 6 - and it does a very nice job of handling all aspects of TMG data including thoses illusive Witnesses. However, then was dissappointed to find exporting to FTM goes on to drop those witness records so back to square one. I do very much appreciate your efforts in trying to help with this TMG to FTM issue. But I guess as you say it is unsolvable with current software designs. Thanks you so much guys for your assistance and patience. Kind regards David
  3. Hi Jim. Okay - I'll try to explain. I have Residence Tags that record the Residence of an Individual at the Time of a Census. I used the Witness Function to report the same info to all those who were also resident at the same address when the Census was taken. I recall I did this as it allows you to attach this record data to multiple people, IE, Associate. Maybe in hind sight not the best way to handle this need but it did save a lot of keying when there are 12 or so in the household. I have since discovered that when creating a TMG GEDCOM for use with FTM 2014, everyone marked as a 'Witness' to this same event which is actually a Residence Tag do not get imported in FTM, as you have pointed out this is because those Witness Tags/Roles whatever the correct term is - do not get exported in the TMG GEDCOM file. So either I need workaround to get these records into the GEDCOM. Or find a way to change the use of the Witness to be a more standard TAG that will export to GEDCOM. Either way I'm needing some step by step guidance. I am also waiting to try some of the suggestions from yourself and Michael, but right now my TMG 9.05 is stuck in trial mode and I'm waiting for my replacement serial number to activate and then work with the data. I suspect trial mode is preventing me from changing certain attributes you have recommended such as 1 EVEN, 2 TYPE. Many thanks and I hope that gives you what you need. Kind regards David
  4. Lost Serial Number for TMG9.05

    Thank you Jim.
  5. Hi Guys Is there a way to change that type of tag (Residence (Witness > Occupant) so that it is exported in the GEDCOM as some kind of standard Residence Tag or change it entirely to become an Address Tag say? I'm not a TMG GEDCOM expert by any means. I have tried a few things in the Master Tag Source Tool and can see ways of manipulating the Principal, Witnessand Occupant settings but nothing I have done gives me a useable Tag when exported. Thanks for your continued assistance... Regards David
  6. Hi Michael Thanks for the input - I will indeed read the article from your book. Kind regards David
  7. Hi Jim - Many thanks. Is there a way to edit the GEDCOM output file and mass change the tag types? Could you possibly provide some info on how to identify these types of tags in the file and then I can experiment a little. I would be happy just to convert these to regular Residence tags and lose the Witness/Occupant secondary data. Kind Regards David
  8. Hi - Should have stated I'm using TMG9.05 (UK) BR David Potter
  9. Hi Forum I have lost my S/N for a purchased version of TMG9.05 (UK). The S/N was in a email from Robert Velke but this has since been lost. Can anyone offer assistance how to obtain this. Many Thanks David Potter
  10. Hi Forum I have found a long lost relative who uses Family Tree Maker 2014 (mackiev). We have been trying to import my TMG9.05 GEDCOM file into FTM and it drops quite a lot of data records. Most prevalent being UK Census Residence Tags where the Principal is a Witness (Occupant) as the address. Can any one offer help with either guidance for a work around. Or some software conversion routine to convert these 'witness/occupant' tags to a plain Residence tag that FTM will recognise. Many Thanks. David Potter