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  1. Subject: [TMG] Place List problem - TMG UK edition New Information:- In TMGU I have used 'Optimize Styles' on my Place Styles: Style 13 = UK-Place Style 14 = UK Standard name Style 16 = Immigration Style 18 = Australian Electoral Roll Firstly, what is the relevance of the Style #? When the 'rogue' Style appears - I see Style 19 = 'Rogue style' I have checked to see that it is not actually used by looking at a Sorted Place List in TMG, so I expected that TMGU would delete it forever, or at least stop it from being activated in TMG. I used the TMG9uksetup program to 'Repair' the Project and as a last ditch operation - Deleted and Reinstalled the TMG program, all to no avail. Therefore I believe that the problem lies in the Project Data / Configuration files. I received this reply and suggestions from Lee Hoffman :- Off-hand, I would say that your deletion action is somehow being "lost". Keep in mind that for almost all delete actions in TMG, the record being deleted is only "marked" for deletion and not then physically deleted. This allows recovery of deleted items that should not have been deleted (that would have been through Tech Support). To physically delete items marked for deletion, you need to run the Optimize function under File=>Maintenance. I would also suggest running the Validate File Integrity function as well. I do, as a matter of course, use Optimize -> VFI -> Backup, during and at the end of a session. Any other ideas, please? Martin F. Jackson Original post to the TMG List -> I am a long term user of TMG, currently on v9.05 UK Gold Edition operating under Win7 32 Bit Pro. Only 1 dataset, Preferences Set - Default Country = United Kingdom; Data Entry Mode = Advanced; Place Labels = Disabled; Custom Styles = Greyed Out (by Program Design); Tools -> Master Style List -> Places -> Name of Style US Standard Place 1: UK - Place 1: Immigration 1: Australian Electoral Roll On occasion, during Data Entry when I have completed entering Tag information, up pops a 'rogue' Place Style that is not in the Place Style List. I am given the opportunity to Accept this Style by saying 'Yes' or to use the Style that is commonly used for that Place in this Dataset by selecting 'No', which is what I do in all cases. When I go to Delete this Style from the Master Style List I am advised that there are no occurrences of the 'rogue' Style in the dataset, so I Delete it. At irregular intervals subsequently, the 'rogue' Style re-appears. If I Back-up the Project with the Style List containing only the 4 Styles that I want, why does the 'rogue' Style re-appear when I Restore the Back-up? Is it possible that the 'rogue' Style is in the Style File, if so can I get in to that file and delete it forever, and which file would that be. I have looked in GTMOTMG, Terry's Primer, TMG Help and Searches in TMG-L etc. without finding a solution. It's not a show-stopper, but darned annoying during my Data Entry. Regards, Martin Jackson, in a sunny Central Portugal.
  2. Filter Progress Window

    Thanks Jim, I haven't up to now used the Focus Group very often, but will certainly do so in the future, my tests show that your suggestion is 'spot-on' Regards, Martin
  3. Filter Progress Window

    That's disappointing... however, whilst clicking 'Close', the screen does close quicker but still takes several seconds I'm afraid. (I have spent some 5 hours today making changes to 247 Census tags which had become 'corrupted' in the recent past and I really have a lot of updates to make to my Project which have had to be put off during this correcting process...) Can someone explain the delays function in the "Filter Prgress" window, please? Martin
  4. Filter Progress Window

    I wish to reduce or eliminate the 'on-screen' time of the Filter Progress window. Is this possible? Many thanks, Martin