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  1. Replacing a lost serial key

    Many thanks, Terry. Will they still be able to help if I didn't buy direct from them, but through a UK reseller? Presumably they'll still be aware of my serial key, even if it was issued through a batch given to the reseller?
  2. I've done something stupid. I've recently installed TMG UK version (7.04) on a new, Windows 7 PC after my old PC died. That wasn't the stupid thing. Unfortunately for me, I've lost all record of my serial number for TMG. (That WAS the stupid thing!) Is there any way at all I can resolve this and be resent my serial number to unlock the product, or am I going to have to repurchase the licence? I have a few days left before the evaluation period ends and it would be great to get this resolved (or at least understand that I'm going to have to purchase another licence) before it becomes locked. Thanks in advance for any help.