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  1. Version 9.4 losing size

    Hi Michael, First of all, "Thanks for getting me in the right area. As for including and not for exhibits, I always make sure I don't include exhibits nor DNA. My backups always is the same. John
  2. Version 9.4 losing size

    Hi Again, I seem to be again having problems with TMG reducing drastically in size doing backups. I have moved TMG to a new computer, Windows 8, not tied to the internet, has no virus protection and very few other programs. I start out with a back up size of 36,129 KB. When, after making sure ALL my strings refer to the specific computer and location I start the backup, the file size ends up as 3,839 KB! Anyone have any suggestions? TIA, John Van Dyke
  3. Another Optimize Question

    Hi Everyone, Well, for some time now, TMG has been working great. However, just this morning I initiated "Optimize". My question is, "Should I be in question of a bad Optimize if at the completion my file goes from approximately 96,000,000 to 49,528,198? Thanks, John
  4. GEDCOM export from TMG

    Just a note... I have found, using McAfee virus software, in order to get TMG to work properly, I have turned "Real Time Scanning Off. John
  5. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    Another update... With my virus protection set at Programs and documents scan set on off, I have loaded version 9.03, deleted some of the same as in version 8.08, run a reindex, optimize with no problems. Also, I still haven't update any Windows items... I will do those one at a time.
  6. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    OK, I've started all over again! So far I have reformatted my hard drive, installed Windows 7 from the original supplied program from computer manufacture. I have installed TMG version 8, then 8.08. I have loaded a backup file from that era. I have performed deletions, changes and adds and run Reindex, Optimize several times plus did a backup with NO ERRORS! In addition, I have created a GEDCOM file, which, appears to be complete at 5563 KB. I have since connected with the internet and did some further work... In Progress. I have yet to install my virus protection... That's next... I have now installed McAfee virus protection and "Turned Off real time scanning ...." Also, I have not accomplished any Windows Updates.
  7. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    Hi Jim, Well, even with TMG 8.08, for some reason, when I delete a person, I lose a .dbf file!
  8. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    Well, for now, I have ditched the thought of using version 9.0 or 9.03. I have reverted back to Version 8, running with NO ERRORS!
  9. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    Still not working. I shutdown many items, bottom Task Manager reads, "Processes 70, CPU 3-4%, Physical Memory 49%". I reinstalled TMG 9.03 and restored a, what I believe is a good backup. I added about five items, run Optimize and everything OK. I perform a new back up, it was OK. Closed the program. Tried to reopen the program and up pops "File Access Is Denied" ...\appdata\local\temp\tmg67284951\_rpts.dbf.GETREPORTS2. It just doesn't stop!
  10. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    Michael, I guess I'm missing just what "Processes"? John
  11. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    Well, I guess it is time for me and TMG to part ways. I have added about five inputs, run Optimize and now I get . dbf is lost! Task Manager ust has one TMG running. I close and re-open and AGAIN, no file to open! Restore required!
  12. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    At the moment, and in the past, I do not have a backup program running. Windows, obviously is running and my virus program is running. What is strange is, looking at Task Manager, after closing TMG program, Task Manager says, "TMG Ver 9.03 is not working", yet the information on the right says "Running"!
  13. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    One More Try! I have reformatted my hard drive, established a partition, created a logical drive and installed TMG on the logical drive. All references to TMG is on the logical drive. Now, I will try and see how it goes...
  14. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    Hi Virginia, I first delete the tags for the person. Then I go to the Edit, ensure the ID number is in the box and Delete one person. Now, when I try to Restore ANY of my recent last 15 backups (within the last three days), I get, "Someone else is using the selected project and it is not possible to restore it." Genealogy recording has lost its fun as I try to struggle through what appears to be failures in the TMG software! Being retired since 2005 and working genealogy with TMG at least 8 hours a day, in the past few months, it seems any entries made are either lost or have to be re-entered over and over again. John
  15. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    Well, I have just about given up on TMG! I thought the issues would be taken care of after reformatting my hard drive, installing version 9.3 through Administrator, normal install, limiting programs etc. When I delete a person and do an Optimize, I get a .dbf lost, or a system being used by someone else, etc. I then have to reload a backup. I have dropped all external attachments and still problems. With all these problems using TMG I will have to go, SADLY FOR SURE, to a genealogy with so many less abilities! John