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  1. UFT Conversion Hanging

    Awesome - thanks! I just emailed you, and will read the TMG archives. I look forward to hearing back from you, thank you!
  2. I have an old UFT database on CD that I am trying to import into a Trial version of TMG 7. It's hanging up on Step 2, giving me a red error message which states: Cannot find event library ("V_ELBOOK"). A quick search on the web found that there are "libraries" contained as part of the UFT database, but they are not included in backups. I no longer have a machine capable of running UFT. So now I'm stuck - can't install UFT to export my data again, and for some reason can't import my data into TMG. My UFT backup folder contains a bunch of files... xxxxx.PRO xxxxx.FPT And numerous files ending in .DBF, .CDX, and .FPT extensions. HELP!!!