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  1. Will not start

    I am finding TMG is slowly dying at the moment. It is taking a long time to open the database. I have a second copy on a laptop and I have the same problem there. I use Second Site on the laptop and it took 38 minutes to run to create my website - normally it is a few minutes. Once the file is open everything works fine. Seems the problem has to do with the opening of files. I get the same issue when I exit the program and choose to backup. TMG goes into a "not responding" mode for 30 seconds or more and then finally wakes up and does the backup. Definitely something to do with the opening and closing of files. The only other time I experience this slow response is when I put editing in the text in the Memo fields - it takes a long time to process the edited text when I exit the memo field editing box. Can anyone give me some ideas on how to fix this?
  2. Has anybody had problems with GEDCOM files created from TMG7 where "Anecdote" tags have been used? I looked at my GEDCOM file using a GEDCOM viewer program called GENviewer and TMG7 seems to have done some strange things with the memo field from my Anecdote tags, particularly where I had two principals nominated for the Anecdote tag. In one case, the Anecdote memo field ended up in a GEDCOM marriage record note. I had noticed that when I upload my GEDCOM file to Ancestry.com that the Anecdote tags never seem to display properly and the text in the Anecdote memo field is often found in Anecodote citation fields on Ancestry. I use Anecdote tags for my general text (which I put in the memo field). I use the Note tag to keep my research notes and ideas. When I run reports I can then easily exclude the Note tags.