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  1. Virginia, Thank you very much for your help. I was getting desperate that no one could help me with the program. I had tried what Wholly Genes suggested and my program kept on crashing. I followed the instructions you gave me and everything worked like a charm. V8.04 is now on track and working. Thanks again for all your help. Agathe
  2. Virginia, There is no TMG v8 entry in the virtual store. As for WOW5432Node I have already deleted The Master Genealogist v7. Agathe
  3. I have written to support@whollygenes and hope to get a favorable answer from them. Thank you and Virginia for your help. Agathe p.s. I don't intend to remove Window 7 from my computer.
  4. The only suggestion I have received so far from Wholly Genes was that may be I should consider re-installing Window 7. I think this is a bit drastic from my point of view.
  5. Jim, I have checked 64-bit Window 7 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/WOW6432NODE/ but there is no Wholly Genes/The Master Genealogist v8 in that WOW6432NODE Take care Agathe
  6. I have been following Jim Byram and Virginia Blakelock's directions on the installation of TMG 8 and even with the help of Dorothy, we were unable to get the progam to install. Since I last talked to Dorothy I have removed all instances of TMG7 and still no luck with the installation. This is what happens after I double-click on tmg8 setup.exe 1 screen - Select language 2 screen - Wholly Genes Software 3 screen - Welcome to the master Genealogist V8 - set up wizard - next 4 screen - Licence agreement 5 screen - Begin installation of te master genealogist V8 install and this is where it stalls all the time. Dorothy and I could not find any instances of the program. There has to be a simple solution. I was able to install it before and I had no problem doing it. Does that mean that I should install TMG 8 on the computer where it works now and then install a different genealogy program on the other computer because we cannot get TMG 8 to install. Help please. This is a puzzle. Thank you Agathe
  7. Hi, I had version 8.04 silver version on my computer which I removed to install the Gold version on Friday. I made sure all beta version of TMG 8 were removed and I am still having problem installing TMG 8 gold version. It stalls at installs and does not move any further. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am using Window 7 Thank you Agathe