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  1. Default sentence language

    Problem was solved smoothly and quickly. I first took a backup then created an empty new project; no data entry of my name or anything else, checked whether language was set to Dutch (File > language) then checking whether dutch language stuctures are available for all relevant sentence structures (Tools > master tag type list > click on each tag type and check sentence) close project open your active project ensure language is Dutch (File > langauge) Translate each of the tage types into Dutch (Tools > master tag type list > select each > tranlate) all tag sentences for each of the tags are translated into Dutch, the old as well as the new ones. Everything done in 30 minutes. Next time it can be done even faster. Thanks for the support. Jan
  2. Default sentence language

    Thanks for the responses. I will try them out in the coming days. Best wishes for the new year. Jan
  3. Hi, I need some help to solve a problem I am dealing with in trying to convert the default English (US) sentences into Dutch. I have 1 project consisting of some 2300 names which were nearly all input with the default sentence structures set to english as is was the default when I bought the TMG v7 product. Since I now want to use the narrative reports, I like to report these narratives in Dutch. But this seems to be a problem. I have set the language in the file menu to Dutch I have set the language in the report options menu of the report definition screen to Dutch (report definition screen for the "individual narrative" report). The result is a bilingual report whereby pronouns ("He", "She",..) are in Dutch and the verbs ("was bron", "married"...) remain in english. I can of course change the language into Dutch for a detailed tag for this particular person, but I did not succeed in changing the tag sentences for all 2300 persons in the project. So no change to the global or default sentence. I tried to add the Dutch sentence structure next to the English one as is required. Even for new persons all narrative remains in english although I have entered Dutch text (File language set to Dutch; Dutch narrative in tag type list in edit mode of a particular tag,..) I also read the detailed explanation of Terry's tips (http://tmg.reigelridge.com/Language-reports.htm), but was not able to solve my problem. I probably misinterpreted the instructions, or mixed up the sequence of actions to be taken, but anyway... I tried to use the tag type list, but the translate function requires import from another project which I do not have and hence would have the same issue as the one I would like to solve. Is there any way to have Dutch sentences available for all tag types and applied to all persons already in the project, without having the change manually all tages used for all persons in the project (which would require some (2300 persons * 5 tags) 11.500 tag changes. Thanks for your help. JanvM