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  1. Adoption

    Michael: I was wondering if you have to insert the new variable and its variations in your sentences for various adoption & guardianship situations? Could you give me an example if I need to insert the new variable/variables? Thanks
  2. I did a seperate backup of my current project without customizations; I did a seperate backup of only my customizations. I did both of these from version 9.01. When I checked the files in my tmg 9 backup folder both files were locked. They had a small lock icon on both of these files. I believe that this has happened with 8.08 also. Can you help me, so this does not happen again? Mike
  3. Missing Witnesses

    I'm not subscribed to the tmg mailing list. I just look at the archives. Ok, I'll try and describe what happens to me when I am entering witnesses. First of all, I usually add more than one witness so I usually use the F8 feature in the picklist to pick out multiple witnesses and hit the select button to move them to the witness area of the tag entry window. When I double click on the witness to go to the edit witness window, I may enter data in the witness memo or just leave/or change the role and click on the ok button. When I'm finished with that, I click the ok button in the tag entry window to exit out of that window. The next time I open the tag entry window my witnesses are missing. I have found that if I enter the witnesses without going into the edit witness window and click the ok button in the tag entry window to exit out of that window. I then go back into the tag entry window and then double click on the witness to make my changes in the edit witness window and click the ok button in the edit witness window and then click the ok button in the tag entry window my witnesses are not lost. I never had to do this in version 7. Hope this is clear. Where actually do I post bug reports anyway? Thanks, Jim Ruppy
  4. I wanted to confirm the problem of missing witnesses related by two people on the tmg mailing list. I was putting in witnesses to baptisms from some new research I had received. I used both the f8 feature and choosing a single witness at a time. I gave the two witnesses to the baptism event roles of godfather and godmother. I clicked ok each time on the edit witness window and finally on the tag entry screen. When I go back into the tag entry screen the witnesses I just installed are gone.
  5. I get this error everytime I rebuild a website with second site. I can close the error window with the ok button and ss with finish building the site. It starts out with a microsoft visual foxpro error window with a green bar and then I get the error window. How do I get rid of this? I'm running windows 7 64 bit professional. Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2011.12.19 04:55:42 PM. Error log file: C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Local\Programs\The Master Genealogist v8\VFP9Rerr.log Called from - cusshortcutmanager.showmenu line 169 {c:\users\mike\appdata\local\programs\devlibs\invisobj.vct c:\users\mike\appdata\local\programs\devlibs\invisobj.vct} Called from - rclickmenu.meditdata line 121 {c:\users\mike\appdata\local\programs\common\libs\rclick.vct c:\users\mike\appdata\local\programs\common\libs\rclick.vct} Called from - frmttl.conttl2.edbwitness.rightclick line 4 {c:\users\mike\appdata\local\programs\devlibs\myclass.vct c:\users\mike\appdata\local\programs\devlibs\myclass.vct} Called from - tmgmain line 592 {C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Local\Programs\The Master Genealogist v8\tmg\programs\tmgmain.prg c:\users\mike\appdata\local\programs\the master genealogist v8\tmg8.exe} Ruppy
  6. Screen Layout

    Thank you, Virginia. That took care of the problem. I'll remember that. ruppy
  7. Screen Layout

    I have been unable to save a screen layout I set up in tmg 8. I am trying to locate the tag box, reporting, and text editing boxes in an enlongated form on the left side of my page one under another. I save the layout. When I close and reopen tmg 8 the boxes change from enlongated to square. I'm using windows 7 64 bit professional edition. ruppy