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  1. I recently imported my database from roots 4 to TMG version 8 via a sqz file. The repository addresses do not show up in the footnotes. When I go to the master repository list, there is a note for each repository listing the address (the address can be listed multiple times under each repository note depending on the number of times it is cited). Does this not import correctly from roots 4 or am I doing something wrong? Do I need to redo each source with the repository address and then go to each event where this source is cited?
  2. Foxpro platform

    I am ready to begin entering genealogy information after many years. I previously entered all my information under Roots IV and have imported this into TMG version 8. I have read online that TMG is based on Foxpro, a 90's platform that is outdated and no longer supported by Microsoft. My concern is that TMG will no longer be supported after spending hours entering information into it. I am looking at Roots Magic which is also event based and would like some input on the future of TMG since it is based on Foxpro.