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  1. Restore from TMG6?

    Thanks, Jim. In scouting around some old files, I did find a backup of the project that was newer than Rel 6, and I now have it updated. I was worried there for awhile.
  2. I'm running TMG 9.5 and am trying to clean up some old problems and ToDos. One of those involves updating files from older versions of TMG. I have a PJC file from TMG 5 or 6 that I never did anything with when I later upgraded to 7 or 8. Now I want to import it into 9, but I get a message that I should do a backup from TMG 5 or 6 first. I no longer have TMG 5 or 6 -- Is there some other way I can get that PJC file into TMG 9?
  3. V 9.05 Install

    Thanks. That is what I expected, but wanted to check to be sure.
  4. V 9.05 Install

    I have v. 9.04 and am trying to update with new 9.05 update. I'm using AVG Internet Security 2013 and it brings up an threat detected message: Found: Luhe.Fiha.A Object name: .....\viewer\tmgss.exe I'm guessing that is really OK, but wanted to check. Is it OK to Ignore that threat? wreace
  5. alternatives now or in the future?

    I had a back level of TMG (ver 8) and waited too long to get the latest ver. from WhollyGenes. With help from others, I found a copy of TMG 9 Gold for sale at a store in Australia -- Victorian GUM. You can check their web site at www.vicgum.asn.au or elsewhere on Forums is a list of other companies thet might have a copy for sale. wreace
  6. Before I buy V9.......

    Received it on the 25th of Oct. I think they are still selling them if others are looking...
  7. Before I buy V9.......

    I ordered it from Victoria GUM on the 12th and they debited my credit card, so that was good. Now I'm just waiting to hear that it has shipped or is on the way from OZ.... Haven't heard any more as of the 20th...
  8. Before I buy V9.......

    Thanks. I tried Gould in Australia and initially thought I bought one, but the came back latter to say they were all out. Any idea of who to try in GB?
  9. Before I buy V9.......

    I need a copy of TMG 9 and I can't find any way to order it on Wholly Genes. I saw the note about about Gould Genealogy but I looks like they are in Australia and I'm in the US. Any other ideas on where to get one? I currenty am running TMG 8.
  10. I've had TMG 7 on this PC for several years. Now when I try to open it, it get a Fatal Error messge. The system is a desktop running Win7 32bit. The message says: Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 02/11/12 Error log file: C+\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7\VFP9Rerr.log Called from - tmgmain line 20 Any ideas? wreace