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  1. How about any type of a work-around? A different descendant narrative report that might give me everyone? thx, Robin
  2. I have a very large file, and am trying to create a Journal report with descendants from one person. That worked very well. However, I would also like to show second/third/fourth generation descendants, who are descendants by marriage. Is this possible? For example: John Smith is married to Susan Jones - can I show Susan's siblings and their descendants in the same report as John Smith's descendants? And then Susan's siblings' marriages and descendants? thank you, Robin
  3. The parents appear in the top detail, but also down below. UGH, I have over 12,000 in the tree. Many thanks for the help, this makes sense. When I change the first generation, and mark the parents as primary- they disappear from the detail part of the page. And the report work correctly. Time for coffee and chocolate, while I spend time to correct. Thank you for your help, I never would have been able to fix this!
  4. Thank you Virginia, After looking at your windows, I have Father-biologic and Mother-biologic When I am on the Father-biologic, and click on primary - the Father-biologic disappears And the son appears in the descendant box chart I thought if I entered the parents as biological, that was a good thing? How do I upload pics? thx, Robin
  5. Relationships are marked primary Yes, both no threshold & include blank surety are checked In my genealogy all I can see is the primary person and his wife, doesn't matter who I choose as primary, with box descendant All descendants are shown in descendant indented report And all works fine in the sample file Children are with 1 wife, but there are (2) wives - both wives show up, no children
  6. Need a bit of help - trying to create a descendant box chart with 16 generations. Have the focus person as the first person in the tree, with 16 generations chosen. I don't have any filter on, did change some options basically to print lifespan only. Yet, I only get the first person and his wives - no descendants? Have tried view in visual chartform & saving the file - same result, no descendants. I can create a descendant box chart with the sample file, using my report format, just fine. I can create an indented descendant chart... but not a box chart. I have no threshold, and surety bond box checked. any ideas? thx, Robin
  7. Definitely not a Word problem. I was having problems with the Journal report showing information (tags) for children with no descendants - they didn't marry and/or did not have children. I saw this on one of the other forums: However, you are not limited to only basic events for those children now - you can set the option on the Tags tab of report Options to apply abbreviated events to "Only children that are carried forward." You will then see all events for those that are not. My tags tab was set to that function; but I thought maybe it was not functioning properly. So, I checked the "all children" box and created the report. It was a mess. I rechecked the "only children that are carried forward include only.." box again. My report came out perfectly, all information is there for all of the children. And for some mysterious reason - my pictures have appeared! Very excited!! The report is 700 pages long, without the index included. I have over 10,800 people in the tree. The report is just over 52,432kb.
  8. Just tried RTF and there is (1) picture in the document. I can insert the pics into the Word document, and it saves just fine, no problem with the amount of data within the doc. I still think it is a TMG export problem.
  9. I am using doc, TMG does not seem to give me the option of which Word format to use. I will try RTF.
  10. I don't think it is a Word problem. I created a journal report, over 500 pages in length - the exhibits/pictures do not appear. I created a narrative indented descendant report over 500 pages in length - the exhibits/pictures do appear. Somehow the journal report is not adding the exhibits. I'm trying to ask the program to embed the exhibits into the report. Very frustrating. I like to format the report using the journal, because I like the numbering system and the other options.
  11. I know you can't hear me... I am screaming YEAH!! I know you can't see me... I am dancing around the room This is so awesome! In Word 2010, it is located under "References" on the far right side there is an icon "insert index" and then it appears, wherever you had your cursor (so make sure your cursor is set to where you want the index to appear) It indented the last name, added the birth-death dates, and page numbers, adds the index automatically as 2 columns Thank you very, very much - I am presenting this next week,
  12. I have created my descendant report, output to Word 2010. I have TMG Gold v.8.04 I'm using Windows Vista, have plenty of memory, RAM, etc. The indented descendant report is great, I have managed the various menus & edited many different things. The bibliography printed out fine. But, no index. I want an index of people, by surname - nothing fancy. Does the index just print a list of names, with the other info I select, or will it also print out page numbers where the descedants can be found? That is what I truly would like, with almost 490 pages, an index of the descendants with page number included would be invaluable. Is this possible? thank you for your time, Robin
  13. Virginia, Thank you very much for the link. It didn't answer the question, but at least let me know that I am not alone. Not sure if there is a work around, but will certainly keep looking. Robin
  14. I am creating a book, the number of descendants is approximately over 8,000 There are marriages between cousins. I want the report to follow the male/father lineage first, the wife/mother second. For example, William married his cousin Mary. The report lists the children under Mary's name, with all of the information. William is also listed in the report, and the children are highlighted as duplicates with a note to see their numbers under Mary's name. I want the children & information to be listed under William as the primary person, I don't even care if it is listed under Mary's name. My apologies if this has been answered before, I did search the forums for some help. Is there any way to force a report to make William the primary person for the listing of the children & their information? thank you for your time, Robin
  15. So many have viewed this, I thought I would share an update. The export to Gedcom did not work. It looked so promising, but the details and people were garbled. I exported my FTM 2012 file to the 2009 FTM program. I still had the old disk, so I reinstalled FTM 2009 on my computer. I opened the exported file and did a place validation. Then I exported this revised file, and uploaded to TMG. It took all night for the TMG program to process the information. I have no idea how long, I went to bed and left the computer running (which I never do). There are over 8,000 in this tree and all of the people are intact. Some of the towns are missing, and there are a few errors with people, that I am cleaning up. I also had information attached to people in pdf format, that did not come over. Not sure what I will do with that, but this is a process. Yes, the conversion was a pain in the neck - however, the report capabilitiles of TMG are awesome. I printed my first prelimary report to pdf, complete with colored pictures. There are a few tweaks that I need to make for the reports to do exactly what I want, but the process is in place. FTM is perhaps simpler and easier to use, definitely nicer to look at But the abilities of TMG outshine FTM. I will continue to enter data in my new TMG tree and not go back to FTM.