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  1. Thank you, Virginia. That procedure seems to be working for now (I hope it sticks this time!) - David P
  2. Since I have been on Windows 8 64-bit I almost invariably need to "Unlock the Full Version" whenever I run Master Genealogist. That is I receive the dialog box saying "Unlock the Full Version. Thank you for using The Master Genealogist! Expired trial version ...." If I dismiss the dialog box, the program actually seems to run, although I have not actually been adding information recently. I would very much like to be free of this nagging message. How can I accomplish this? - David P
  3. Thank you, Jim. Your procedure worked for me. 8.02 is now running on my system.
  4. Last night when attempting to upgrade from Master Genealogist 8.01 to 8.02 the upgrade failed with a message about not having rights to write to a log file. This made my existing version of Master Genealogist inaccessible. I then uninstalled Master Genealogist and reinstalled 8.01 and successfully ran it. Today I then uninstalled version 8.01 and attempted to install the 8.02 demo from the Wholly Genes website. The demo seemed to hang during installation (at the point before asking whether to install for my account or for all users). I canceled that and again reinstalled version 8.01 successfully. So currently things are ok with 8.01, but I cannot successfully install version 8.02.