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  1. Configuring Family Group Sheet

    Virginia-Yes, I agree w/ the idea of more white space, or, at least options for that would be good. The color options are a nice touch, however for general utilitarian purposes, the plain black & white is OK & what I will be using. On my wish list would be the options to add a solid black line between each of the children and between the two spouses as well as the option to add a blank line above & below the black line (as is the way TMG7 does it). To me, those really, at a quick glance, differentiate the individual people. For now I think I'll turn off both the interior and border lines and lighten the shading a bit, then edit in Word by adding a blank line after each individual. One more quick question-- I see on the FGS report options, on the General tab, Title Position, the option for a blank line above & below. I have that checked and do receive the blank line above, but none between the title and the "Subject" line. It's not a big deal, but wonder how to achieve that space other than editing in Word. Suggestions? Similarly I notice in configuring the Individual Narrative for "full justification", that it seems to have no effect and the resultant text is no different than if I chose "left justification". But then I guess that's another thread subject. Thanks again, Virginia, for your help on this, Nancy
  2. Configuring Family Group Sheet

    Virginia- Thanks again for your quick reply & suggestions. Of the 2 examples you provided, I prefer the 1st in that it better delineates each of the separate children. I understand about altering the shades of gray and of editing the FGS as an RTF document in Word. I use Word 2010 & have made simple tables--very simple :-), however I am not familiar w/ the right click options so as to toggle the interior lines off after the lines are highlighted. Could you please clarify that? Also, with that option, is there a way to set it as a default for future FGS' printing, or would I need to do that each & every time that I want to print? In the interim, I have perhaps skirted the issue a bit and altered the interior lines to the very faintest shade of gray. That makes the FGS less busy-looking, however I miss the lines delineating each of the children. I realize that I could edit those in, however I am hoping to minize the individual editing as much as possible inasmuch as I use the FGS format so frequently in printing. Ideally i would like to, as a default, eliminate the interior lines except those above & below the names of the children. Possibility? Thanks for your patience. Much appreciated! Nancy
  3. Configuring Family Group Sheet

    Thanks for your quick reply Virginia! Is there no way to remove all the lines between the individual events while still having borders around the name of the children? I really prefer a less "busy" appearance on the group sheet, yet one that clearly outlines the individual children's name.
  4. I am trying to configure it so that it will the same as the sample report on the website. How do I create borders around the name of each of the children and yet not have their names be in a shaded area? Thanks!