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  1. Long ago I created custom tags for recording what I find in the various censuses. The default sentence for the tag began with a pair of carriage returns, [:CR:][:CR:] a couple blank spaces followed by the word Census, a colon, and then the default sentence went on but my current problem has to do with the beginning of this sentence. I would invoke both the carriage returns and the bold command by right clicking while my cursor was in the correct place in the sentence. Every time I wanted to add a new census record to an individual, I would first add the custom tag, then open up the sentence, position my cursor just ahead of the word "Census" and right click. The drop down menu would open up and I would select "format" from the list and then choose "bold". I could then add the year of the census I was working with and go from there. I did this so I only needed one master tag for census records, and my master list of tags doesn't get too long. This is no longer possible with version 8.02 as the right click menus has "Format" grayed out and inaccessible. My default sentence has the word "Census" in bold and my work-around is to position my cursor inside the word just after the "C" and type the year followed by a space and a fresh "C". I then have to move my cursor to the beginning of the year and delete the now duplicate "C". Sheesh. Why did the ability to right click and invoke "Format" go away inside tag sentences?