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  1. Virus in TMG viewer?

    I just checked my netbook which hasn't been used in months. I have AVG 2011 on it. I had it scan the tmgss file and it showed it was okay. I then updated the virus definitions and it started picking up tmgss as a threat. I think it must be a false positive. I'm quite sure my netbook is clean.
  2. Virus in TMG viewer?

    I'm also thinking AVG is wrong but sure would like confirmation. I am very careful, don't click unknown links, down download anything except from reputable sites, keep my AVG updated, scan regularly, etc. I've never had any type of virus before and the fact that it's showing up in TMG on others' computers and only with AVG makes it seem as if it is a false alarm. Unfortunately I can't upload the file to AVG because I don't have permission and need to contact the file owner or administrator for permission. Don't know what permission I need since I'm running the computer as administrator and am the only one who's a user on this computer.
  3. Virus in TMG viewer?

    I just got this same message today and AVG is prompting me to do something. I don't want to delete a file which is needed. I got the same message for tmgss.exe for version 8 also which leads me to think it's some sort of error. I searched the "infection" name at AVG's site but it did not find anything by the name of Luhe.Fiha.A. My tmgss.exe file in v. 7 also has the date modified 13 Feb 2009 and the same 683,054 bytes size. Would this indicate that I am safe to keep these files? My v. 8 tmgss.exe file has the date modified as 4 Dec 2011 and is 808,716 bytes. Right now I'm ignoring AVG's request to remove it but I don't want to open TMG until I know for sure it's safe. Pam