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  1. Hello, I'm quite new in this area and i have a question. I`m building a family tree for a friend and he wants to omit names of female spouses, which seems impossible to me. I have tried but it keeps returning me to fill out the field containing name of the wife. I`m using TMG v7. Please, give me some advice.
  2. Can somebody tell me how to start building family tree from the oldest ancestor to the younger ones? When i start building family tree the wizard starts with my name and i want to start with the oldest one of my ancestors? and how avoid typing in the names of wifes? The tree must contain only the names of male descendants? Please, somebody, help me!
  3. The simple answer is that TMG is not designed to do this. In fact, I am unaware of any genealogy software that is designed to do this. The problem with the ancestor in the middle is that an ancestor could have any number of sons, so that makes the number of segments at each ring variable. All genealogy programs I know of do the circle with the descendant in the middle because a child always has only two parents so the sectioning for each ring is clear. I know of no program which will do this automatically. As you suggest a general purpose drawing program can always draw circles and add text, so you could construct such a chart manually. As far as I know that is your only alternative. OK. Guess you re right. Can u suggest such a program to me? something that gives a lot of options for editing, drawing and erasing? I apologize if i already go on your nerves. Thanks
  4. Maybe some other software for "circular" drawing and editing? I have tried Visio but it doesn`t work. Thanks again people
  5. Uh... this is discouraging. If TMG can not do this, is there any program that could? Besides AutoCAD, because im not familiar with it. I think the difficulty is the output, not the establishment of the tree. As Terry and Virginia have said, you can enter the data in any order that's convenient for you. The circular output chart is the problem. If I understand your requirements, you need a round chart of all the male descendants of a single ancestor who presumably appears in the center cell. TMG can make a fan chart. It is circular, but it is set up to display the ancestors of a single person. I do not think it can be reversed. The classic descendancy chart is tree-like because a branched chart reflects the physical reality most closely. I would think that a circular fan chart showing descendants only would be difficult to read without some for of segmentation or color-coding of family branches. If you have installed TMG why not load the sample project and make some of the report charts? That will give you an idea of what can be done. I'm afraid this hasn't helped much, and it hasn't helped at all if I have misunderstood what you need. All good wishes. Robert Hi Robert, Thanks for your interest. U did understand me correctly. That`s what i need. Dont know what to do now, i had a lot of hope for TMG. Is there any other program that could generate something like this, regardless of price or anything? Thanks again
  6. thank you all so much! im still not sure how to what i have to do but i will try using your guidelines. but once again, I have to make a family tree diagram that starts with a person who lived 300 years ago. I want to use a round shape diagram(it a must) and this person has to be in the first circle. This diagram has to have only the male descendants and the final user wants this chart printed. these are the demands. If u can give me some more help I would be more that grateful. This software seems a bit complicated to me