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  1. Resolved. At least one of my Windows7 computers put exhibits in a folder TMG recognized: "Public." (in case anyone else is having this problem)
  2. I have TMG version 8.06. I have just changed my computers from Windows XP to Windows7. In Windows XP the path for my external exhibit folders was: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\a new genealogy\A ancestor photos photos 4-26-12\ Windows 7 does not have a folder named "All Users" so I have frowny faces for all my exhibits. I copy pasted this folder : "...a new genealogy\A ancestor photos photos 4-26-12\" into a the TMG EXHIBITS folder. I changed PREFERENCES > EXHIBITS to the new folder. Then: I selected MAINTENANCE > VALIDATE FILE INTEGRITY. In VFI I selected SPECIFY THE FOLDERS TO SEARCH & SEARCH FOR MISSING EXTERNAL EXHIBITS. PROGRESS starts and reads "Validate File Integrity - Checking physical file integrity. . ." That progress hasn't changed from "1% completed" over several hours. Am I missing something? I "think" I followed instructions in this post for changing folders but it may not be relevant to what I am attempting. Thanks for help. Lil Exhibit Folder Path in v9 Different Than in v8 - The Master Genealogist v9 Exhibit Folder Path in v9 Different Than in v8 - The... Exhibit Folder Path in v9 Different Than in v8 - posted in The Master Genealogist v9: I upgraded from TMG v8 to TMG v9, and I transferred my old database to th... View on www.whollygenes.com Preview by Yahoo