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  1. Copy and Paste won't work

    The Optimize only worked once, then Cut and Paste failed again. Final fix: WebrootSecureAnywhere was the problem. I took TMG off its "deny" list and now it works. Open WebrootSecureAnywhere, Click Identity Protection, click the gear icon, click "Application Protection" and if you see TMG selected as Deny, change the selection to Allow. Now cut and paste seems to be working.
  2. Copy and Paste won't work

    Thank you John Cardinal! I went to old posts, found the answer, which is: Run Maintenance, Optimize probably did the fix, although I ran all the maintenance options. "Paste" function works fine now.
  3. Copy and Paste won't work

    Suddenly, could days ago, I am unable to paste into TMG fields. TMG, in any field, will not accept a "cut" nor a "copy." Either from content within TMG or outside the program. I need to paste urls into my citations, this is a limiting limitation. I've rebooted my computer, I've rebooted the program, no help. I set TMG to "restore to defaults" and didn't work. Am using TMG 9 and Windows 8. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks everyone for all the hints and tips in the messages.
  4. I imported gedcom from Legacy. On the citations/footnotes output, on all the book source citations, citation begins author unknown. Any advice, help, comments on this much appreciated. Do you think importing directly FDB or ZIP file might improve the import? My apologies for double posting the previous post.
  5. Am creating a Journal report, selecting footnotes. I want each and every footnote to print out in full every time, not be shortened version after a full citation. How to do this? Also: I don't see how to select the font for footnotes separately. Am I missing something: Thanks for the help.
  6. Reports won't generate from a gedcom imported file

    Virginia, did my huge sigh of relief blow through your office? This worked. A million thanks. B
  7. I imported a gedcom (Legacy originated), all looks OK except....no reports will generate properly. Journal and Descendant (reports and charts) will only list generation 1, and only 1 person: "an unknown person." I'm a longtime TMG user, I've generated these reports dozens of time on my own dataset; in fact, my data set works properly on these reports, but when I open up the (imported gedcom) file, there are no descendants, nothing beyond that one person. B