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  1. I seem to have transfered my TMG to Windows 10, but right now I have to do the following to get into the program. I push the button on the desktop, and it starts up. Then, it says it is a newer product or version, and I can't select the top button that I want (last person I worked with), so I push the OK button, and up comes the program but I can't select the last project, so I push the red X at the top, and up comes the selection I wanted. But, quite a few of the selections are greyed out, but I see that the GEDCOM button is missing completely. That is the part I would use to send to Ancestry. Any help is greatly appreciated. Doris Kukuk Doris, I've moved your post to the proper section from the Tips section. Terry Reigel
  2. Windows 10 installation problems

    Is this where I put in a new Windows 10 installer project? I (my son) has installed the last version of 9 that was to be used for updating. It appeared to work fine when it was first installed and I could get into the program and search around and figured everything worked fine. Now, I am not sure. I get the following message when I select it today: The selected project was created by a new product or version and cannot be opened with this version of The Master Genealogy. Then there is a box to check OK. I do get the Welcome to TMG, but the top 'open the last project used' is greyed out, however if I go to select a project (I only have one). I keep getting the same message above. Is there something else I should try or do. I got in yesterday, why not today.