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  1. Not imported - other than upgrading from my version 8 data to 9.
  2. After upgrading to V9, I noticed that I now have additional father-bio or mother-bio tags on some people. The father/mother relationships appear as expected below the name, but there may be one tag in the tags pane as well. Deleting the tag preserves the relationship from the person to their parent, but deletes the relationship from the parent record (They no longer appear as a son to the mother, for example). I have to manually go and replace that relationship I have lost. Has anyone else seen this? Alan
  3. Since I upgraded to V9 I have been seeing Princ; appended to the front of (apparently) random events/tag in my database. Editing the event/tag and saving it makes this go away, but I've spent a lot of time doing this. I have validated and optimized and so on to no avail... Any hints as to handle this more effectively? Alan
  4. TMG v8 install does not work

    I also had this problem - with Windows 7 64 bit. I'd get to the install button and click on it and nothing would happen. I was upgrading from TMG 8.02 to 8.04. I followed the instructions on the pinned post at the top of the support forum for TMG 8 - but it had no affect. I emailed TMG support - no reponse after a week. What finally made this work was to go through the registry (not a friendly option for the ordinary user) and delete every entry that had anything to do with Wholly Genes or The Master Genealogist. So far I have not had a good install since the upgrade to version 8. Definately a different experience than I have had with all of ther versions of TMG I have used in the past. I hope this isn't a sign of bad things. It's been a great program.