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    Geneaology, especially curious about Lochert's in Norway!
    Have most of ny ancestors in VesterĂ¥len, Norway
  1. General problems with TMG.

    I'm looking for some solution to add an existing person to the tree! It seems that related persons often married into some kind of familymembers. I have several (!?) cousins, who married into each others familys, which creates a problem: I can't add an existing person as mother or father? - It seems like I have to go the other way around, which again creates more probles as my tree gets bigger. It takes forever to 'repair' all these connections.. I miss the function of add existing person, when I'm building my tree. Another thing I miss is the ability to 'jump' back to previous screen or person. Maybe I'm too customed to treat TMG like I treat my firefox-browser?? Anyhow I miss that function. Is there any tricks or solutions I'm not aware of?? Maybe someone has develloped some genious ways of dealing with similar problems?? Thanks for any help I might get! Arne Myklebost (Znekkern), Oslo, Norway! (arne.myklebost@gmail.com)
  2. Viewing Gedcom Export

    Hi, I baught Gedcom a few years ago (to assist my TMG- database), and resently I tried to upgrade, which crashed the whole programme.. I don't remember, what I paid for, and how long periode I bought it for, so now I'm just trying to reciover it, but can't find my original down-load-data. I believe i bought it through arne_myklebost@hotmail.com maybe as far back as 2008? Maybe I used winXP back then, and now I'm using win7.. - Whatver happened I don't know, but during upgrade It seems like I've lost the complete programme?? Any chance you can help me from this sparce info?? I can't even start it from TMG8 anymore...?? Arne Myklebost, Vogts Gate 40 0474 Oslo mob: +4799532794