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  1. Organizing tag order

    Thank you everyone for your responses and sorry for the late thank you. I got anyway from my research for a couple of weeks and forgot about this. - Chris
  2. Organizing tag order

    Hello Does anyone know how to rearrainge the tag order. My dilema is when viewing an individual in the person view, if the date of death is entered but not a date of burial because it is unknown; the burial tag appears above the death tag. I'm looking to have the burial tag below the the death tag even if the date is unknown. Thanks - Chris
  3. Viewing Tag Dates

    Thank you guys!
  4. Viewing Tag Dates

    Hello When viewing an individual in the person view and if you do not have a death event but you have a burial event, is there a way to have the burial year fill in in the above box with the person's NAME (id #) (years of birth & death). With some of my Dutch ancestors who died in the 1700s, I have a burial date but will never find an actual date of death for them. When I use a baptism event instead of birth, the baptism year populates the year field. I was wondering how would I have the burial event do the same for the death year. Thanks- Chris
  5. Creating a List of Birth Events

    Hi Terry Thanks for your quick response. It was simple once I followed your instructions! Thanks again! - Chris
  6. Hello, Would anyone know if it is possible to create a report of a list of individuals in a project who do not have a "birth" event in their details window? And also how would this report be created? I have numerous individuals where the date of birth is presently unknown and therefore the birth event was never added to their details screen. With over 7000 individuals in this project, it will be a daunting task to try to determine whom further research is necessary. Thank you- Chris
  7. Internal or External Exhibits

    Thank you again Michael, I will look into John Cardinal's utility. - Chris
  8. Need to re-register TMG on a weekly basis

    Hi Mike, thanks for the input. I just followed your instructions. Hopefully this clears that issue. Thanks - Chris
  9. I have over 1000 exhibits in my database. The majority of them are external and stored in a specific folder. I believe that I have perhaps 200 exhibits that are internal. As I come across them I have been changing them to external exhibits. Is there a quick/easy way for me to find/search for my exhibits that are still internal? Thanks - Chris
  10. Hello I have been having a problem with my TMG software for well over a year. No matter what version I'm using at least once a week I have to re-register the program by entering my name, email address, and key number. This happened with the updated version of TMG v.8 then with v.9 and all of 9's updates also. What can I do to correct this? Thanks- Chris
  11. erased program

    Yes, simply download the trial version and your data should reappear. I had the same problem today and also last week when I upgraded to version 8.05.
  12. Exhibits in citations

    Thanks Michael Chris
  13. Exhibits in citations

    Hello Why is it that when a scan/image is uploaded to a citation it does not show up on that person's exhibit log unless "a citation" is clicked on focus; and then all of the images uploaded as citations appear? Is there a way to upload an image under citation and have that image appear along with all other images in that person's exhibit log? Thanks - Chris
  14. Upstate NY TMG users group

    Does anyone know if there is a TMG users group in upstate New York in the Albany area? Thanks - Chris
  15. Thanks Jim, l saw that post but did not understand all of it. I downloaded the trial version on the TMG site. Afterwards I clicked on repair software and all of my projects reappeared and I believe the program is also updated. I did not have to enter the DVD product code. It seems as if everything fell into place. Chris