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  1. Backup error

    I'm a little lost on this. I called the tech number and it appears that I may have maxed out my exhibit space. I have over 1080 images saved internally. I was told to check out John Cardinals tmg utilities and convert my exhibits to external. Thanks and i will letter you know how i make out.
  2. Backup error

    Hello Virginia, I checked under advanced in current project options and nothing that had the 160 number (my phone doesn't have the other symbols). My last backup file name is white2013-03-1020-42-37.sqz I'm lost on this.
  3. Backup error

    Thank you Virginia, I will look into these issues later when I get home from work. I backup daily directly to the hard drive and then backup to a thumb drive once a week. Once a month I will delete all of the backups on the hard drive except for the latest three. -Chris
  4. Hello I am looking to create a GedCom file of a particular line in my tree so that I can send only part of my tree to someone where I send all of the descendants of a particular person. Can someone give me step by step instructions on this? I have no clue. Thank you Chris
  5. Creating a GedCom for a specific line

    Thanks Jim, I will try this later today! Chris White
  6. TMG bug

    Hi, can anyone tell me why my program is freezing up when I update my flags. I change a few then when I attempt to change more, it will not let me until I back up the program. Thanks - Chris White
  7. relationship

    I have TMG set up to automatically show the relationship of the focus person to me. A new person was added and is showing no relationship to me. Meanwhile the focus person's brother shows a relationship to me. How do I correct this and what did I do wrong? Thanks - Chris
  8. relationship

    Thank you Virginia... after much searching I figured it out. Thank you- Chris
  9. relationship

    No need to reply... I figured out the problem. I needed to refresh the relationships within the program in preferences.