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  1. More exhibit problems - v. 7.04

    The program moved 1857 exhibits. The majority of the files are census files I wanted attached, but also a few pics are included.
  2. More exhibit problems - v. 7.04

    I ran the TMG utility. I couldn't tell if the exhibit files were successfully extracted because I have been unable to open the database again. I kept getting more and more errors until I finally decided to use the backup. I'm afraid to run the utility program for fear it will mess that up. I still can't add external exhibits or move internal exhibits out, but at least I can open it. Any suggestions?
  3. More exhibit problems - v. 7.04

    Terry, could you please email me? keziah63@yahoo.com. I'm getting frustrated with this. Thanks...
  4. More exhibit problems - v. 7.04

    Ok. I've run it. Now I have a new problem - the message is "An error happened when opening the data tables... File c:Documents and SettingsOwnerMy DocumentsThe Master Genealogies v7ProjectsKAY_I.dbf. Now I'm really confused...
  5. More exhibit problems - v. 7.04

    Thanks, Terry. I'll try it again. Kay
  6. More exhibit problems - v. 7.04

    Ok. I tried it and it moved over 1800 exhibits. Maybe I'm not looking at the right people, but it looks like the exhibits I thought were moved still are saying they're internal. Did I do something wrong or did I just not look in the right spots?
  7. More exhibit problems - v. 7.04

    Sorry about not being clear enough. I'm not trying to move the internal exhibits out all at once - I was trying it one at a time. I went into the exhibit log and opened one of the internal exhibits. I hit properties and changed the reference tag from internal image file to external image file. When I got the "save to external image" window, I reused the name of the exhibit since I'm rearranging census images. When I hit ok, I get the "...kay_i.ftp is too large. FRMEXHIBIT.CONIMGLIST.RAITEM.RCLOADIMAGE_ASSIGN" I've tried all three options - abort, retry, and ignore, and I can't get the image to do anything. I don't own either programs you mentioned. Thanks!
  8. More exhibit problems - v. 7.04

    I've been trying to move the internal exhibits out. I'm still getting the same error. What else can I do?
  9. More exhibit problems - v. 7.04

    Thank you for your help! So I'll need to move all or most of the internal exhibits to external exhibits to add more?
  10. I've been getting an error after, I guess, adding too many internal exhibits. Now I'm getting this error - "file c:\...\owner\my documents\the master genealogist v7\projects\kay_i.fpt is too large. FRMEXHIBIT.CONIMGLIST.RAITEM.RCLOADIMAGE_ASSIGN Now what can I do? Thanks, Kay
  11. TMG 7.04 exhibit problem

    If I do that, will it still be part of the program? I went through the TMG files and saw that particular file size is over 2 meg compared to the others, which were way smaller. Thanks! Kay
  12. I'm trying to add census images to back up my information. Now I'm getting a strange error - "File c:\...\owner\mydocuments\themastergenealogist v7\projects\kay_i.fpt is too large. FRMEXHIBIT.MADDEXHIBIT What can I do to continue adding images? Thanks! Kay