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  1. question about source citations

    Thanks for the response. So would I delete the Source Elements in the output form that apply to a filmed record? I'm thinking of series, roll, film. If I have a lot of records from ellisisland.org, would I be better off making a custom source type for these records?
  2. One of my projects is to get better about citing my sources in a clear and consistent manner. I have Elizabeth Mills' Evidence Explained citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace and I am doing my best to use her examples as I enter new sources/correct old ones. One road block I'm running into involves citations for online records. I'll use passenger ship manifests from the Ellis Island website as an example. The only available Source Type for this is "Ship Passenger List (filmed)" This doesn't really fit what I want to record because the fields include series, roll number, and film. How do others address this? Do you put in the website information in one of the fields asking for information about film?
  3. adding new Place Style

    Yes, I neglected to hit the reset button. I went back and fixed it and now the sentence is fine. Thanks!
  4. As they say in talk radio, I'm a long time listener, first time caller. I've been using TMG for many years after I outgrew FTM, but I haven't been using it to it's full capacity - sort of like having a Ferrari and only driving it at 45 mph. I recently purchased and watched the dvd tutorials, and I've learned quite a bit. One of the feature that really excites me it the Place Style feature for tag entries. I have many individuals from Ireland or other countries, and I've been frustrated by trying to make the Irish locations fill the U.S. style. I followed the directions for adding a new style for Ireland. I changed label 3 from city to townland, label 4 from county to civil parish, and label 5 from state to county. I then when into a birth tag and entered in the locations - label 3 Caherlevoy, label 4 Killeedy, label 5 Limerick, and label 6 Ireland. The problem comes when I click the sentence button. This is what I get: Denis John Lenihan was born on 20 Jan 1888 in Caherlavoy, Limerick, Limerick, Ireland. The civil parish label isn't there, and for some reason the label 5 repeats. Here is the sentence structrue: [P] was born <[D]> <[L]> For birth tags of people born in the U.S., the sentence is fine, no repeats. Does anyone know how I can fix my Ireland place style? Thanks, Kathleen