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  1. Hey, thanks, Virginia. I tried the resetting to default settings and that worked. Not sure why -- I hadn't changed the settings at all upon loading V. 9.0. But it's fixed! Good deal.
  2. Sorry, I included an image clip, but it wouldn't post it. How do I post an image in these messages?
  3. Here's what my pedigree looks like. The extra lines between the BMD forces it onto two pages. Thank you.
  4. I recently upgrated to TMG 9.03. When I try to create a screen preview pedigree report, the report is split vertically across two pages. There are extra blank lines between vital record data entries. If those spaces would go away it would fit on one page. How do I fix this? Thanks, Linda
  5. I've recently upgraded to TMG 8 and don't think I've tried to print a pedigree chart until today. I'm just doing a four- or five-generation chart, which should be on one page. However, it now prints on two pages. Looks like there's two much space ("leading" in typesetting terms) between the lines. I've tried to reboot, reset the chart to defaults, but nothing seems to change the issue. What am I missing or doing wrong? Thank you very much.