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  1. Hello, On the main forums page, 'The Master Genealogist UK Edition' states that there are 107 topics. On clicking the there are only two. Where are the other 105 threads? Derek
  2. Error OLE Code

    I've received this error today in English. OLE error code 0x80020006 : Unknown name. I have clicked on ignore and it doesn't appear to be any problems. But what has caused it as I'm sure I've had this before a few years ago with an earlier version. Derek
  3. Add Person Templates missing

    Sorry people, Thank you Vera, yes you are right. My brain isn't in gear due to a recent bereavement. Thank you. DerekKain49
  4. Hi all, I have been adding new persons with just birth details. I cannot get the Marriage tag type fields to show in the Add Person screen. From all 7 (seven) data sets in the same Project. Now I want to add new persons with marriage details but in the Add Person no marriage template is showing. I have been into Add Person Templates and checked that the Marriage template is in the selected tag types, I have even reset the templates in Setup. I should add at this point that I have been cleaning up the excess Sources and Repositories. Then running maintenance to Optimise and Validate the data. I still have just the Name-Variant, Birth and Death fields but, no Marriage. I have added all the Marriage tag types but, none of the fields are showing up in the Add Person screen It was all OK a few weeks ago. Thank you for any assistance. DerekKain49