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  1. Thanks Terry and Michael - at least I know that I am not doing anything wrong. @Terry - On the face of it, I am not too sure that the addition of sureties would be too much problem as far as entering the data is concerned, as there is only a single source so it is only one set of sureties, however transferring this information into the database may be where the difficulty lies. @Michael - I did see a posting about the problem with the headings and as that was some time ago, I wondered if it had been fixed and I had missed an update for the UK version. I will just have to remember to make the entries in the correct column, which is what I do at the moment, as I do find the multiple entry system a time saver. I will continue to use the surety system and just remember that when I come across blank entries that it is due to the failings of the program rather than the person sitting at the computer.
  2. When adding multiple children, the fields for addresses remain as US Standard Places on the spreadsheet template. I have tried to change them via Setup and I have attempted various options, including the "Use Data Set default style", "UK Standard Places" and the "Addressee,Detail etc". However the field names change on the set up form but the headings on the spreadsheet remain the same when I click OK. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? As a supplementary question, is there any way of adding sureties when using the multiple entry form - having put in the source, there seems to be no way to enter the surety. On all other entry forms you are asked if you forget to enter a surety so this seems to be an anomaly. Brian