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  1. Witness Issue

    Thanks Jim, I still have the TMG V4.0b on my old XP computer. Is there a download to update the import code for the role structure on that version so that if I did a fresh import/backup onto the new V8.06, the role structure would correct itself? Is the developer going to fix my data for me or do I start going through the principle records and manually correct them? Thanks again Mosey
  2. Witness Issue

    Jim, Thanks for all your help. I have uploaded my V8.06 backup, (probably should have compressed the file first) The file name is My Project X1 2013-04-10 18-17-23.sqz I have found that if I highlight an individuals event tag (Birth, Occupation, Marriage etc.), press F5, then click "Tag Type" in the Tag Entry box, then on the "Tag Type List" click the select button for the same Tag listing it corrects the way the narrative reports are written. This could be a long fix I have also uploaded the old V4.0b backup file that was imported into the V8.06. File name TMGWTREE1__1.SQZ Thanks again. Mosey
  3. Witness Issue

    Jim, Thanks for the reply. You are probably right about the Principles now being viewed as Witness but this can only be a program error when importing the data from the V4.0b Silver UK edition (TREE-1.SQZ) file to the V8.06 edition I have just purchased. At the moment it looks like I am going to have to delete the whole database of over 8,500 people and start again just to make them all Principle names instead of the program believing they are Witnesses. When I try to create a report such as "Descendent Indented Narrative", every single name on the list witnesses their own birth marriage and death as well as being in their own household during census entries. Surely this should be an easy fix but I welcome any help at the moment, just let me know what information to provide.
  4. Witness Issue

    Thank you Michael. I have imported my "tree" data from an earlier Silver V4.0b UK version which doesn't work with Windows 8 so had to upgrade to V8.06. When I go into the "Tag Type List" to add for example, Birth, there are two default sentences that would appear in a generated report. The first is shown as "Sentence" and shows [P] was born <[D]> <[L]>, the second shown as "Witness Sentence" shows [W] witnessed the birth of [P] <and [PO]> <[D]> <[L]>. So I go into the Edit tab and in the Roles and sentences tab there are check boxes for Child, Witness and Principle. I try to un-check the Witness check box but a pop up states "The witness role cannot be disabled". An example of how my reports are generated is below. Alice Harriett1 ASKEW (1911) witnessed the birth of Alice Harriett ASKEW (1911) on 23 Jan 1885 at Weasenham, Norfolk ­. She witnessed the marriage of Alice Harriett ASKEW (1911) and Arthur Richard BUCKLE (6788) in 1908 at Mitford District, Norfolk. She witnessed the New Tag of Alice Harriett ASKEW (1911) on 2 Apr 1911 at Low Street, Weasenham St Peter, Norfolk. She witnessed the death of Alice Harriett ASKEW (1911) in 1978 at Wayland District, Norfolk. I know I could edit each Principles tags individually but I seem unable to change the default "Tag Type List" so that the generated reports sentence would read something like...P was born on 23 Jan 1885 at Weasenham, Norfolk. P married Arthur Richard BUCKLE in 1908 in Weasenham, Norfolk etc. etc. So I am trying to edit the Default master Tag Type List so that any printed reports don't generate sentences such as P witnessed the birth of P.
  5. Witness Issue

    Why can't I delete the "Witness" sentence when editing Tags. My reports show the subjects name witnessing their own birth, marriage and death...pretty obvious I would have thought but I don't want it in the reports. Is there a fix for this? I'm using V8.06