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  1. Is "Exhibit Highlighting" in V9?

    Thankyou, Michael, for your quick reply! I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of V9. What a rich featured program. Carol
  2. I am slowly discovering the features built into V9. Does this version come with "Exhibit Highlighting" feature, which was promoted in V7? I could not find it listed in the manual on PDF. Thank you for your patience with someone who asks lots of questions. Carol
  3. Patch for V1 not working

    Thank you, Jim, for checking. Kind of thought that was the case. Carol
  4. Patch for V1 not working

    I was hoping to get the patch for V1 Super Tools. I own the original from years ago. I have my receipt. Although the link is still online, it is not functional. So I asked Customer Service. They said, "We are discontinuing our software and all links have been removed from out website." I realize this is an old program. Still, I wish support could have helped me, since they have some other patches/updates for older versions still online. I am not asking for a program link, just the patch.
  5. Discontinuation of TMG - Direct Import to RootsMagic ?

    Helmut, I would agree with Jim that waiting for the next version would be prudent. As Jim correctly points out, TMG database is very complex. As soon as I posted my thoughts that RM might offer some special for TMG users, they posted this today: http://rootsmagic.com/tmg/ If you download their TMG Moving Guide on PDF (link at bottom of that page), there is quite a list of "known issues" that RM is aware of. Carol
  6. Discontinuation of TMG - Direct Import to RootsMagic ?

    Helmut, I do not have experience with RM in this regard, but I also see that Legacy Family Tree claims it is working on a direct import as well. From Legacy (9/22): Legacy Family Tree will soon import files from The Master Genealogist software Recently Bob Velke, producer of The Master Genealogist software, announced that his software would be discontinued. TMG, as it is known, was one of the first genealogy software programs I personally used before switching to Legacy Family Tree. We wish Bob and family the very best. We have been working really hard and are getting close to releasing an update to Legacy that will directly import TMG files (no GEDCOM necessary). We are working hard to make the import to Legacy as seamless as possible to limit the amount of post-import cleanup that may be necessary. If you are a TMG user looking for new software, give our free edition a try at www.LegacyFamilyTree.com. Import your GEDCOM and see what you think of Legacy. We think you will enjoy both the simplicity and the power of Legacy. Then watch for our upcoming announcement of the free update to Legacy we will issue which will provide the direct import. I am sure these companies and other are anxious to gather up new customers. As a suggestion, you might be interested in getting the best pricing possible. RM is still offering special pricing to PAF (the discontinued software from the Church of Latter Day Saints) users ($10 off). I think anyone can get this discount. Perhaps they will welcome TMG users with a discount as well. Also, at Christmas time, a discount is almost always available from several genealogy companies as an incentive. As some others have stated, it would be ideal if another firm would take over TMG and continue to further develop and support it. Another thought- Read RM Forums for discussions on this transfer. Here is one link I found, and there may be others as well. http://forums.rootsmagic.com/index.php?/topic/14097-tmg-migration-forum/ Carol
  7. Before I buy V9.......

    I need to be sure V9 will work with my present system. I have a 32 bit XP operating system. I believe my computer meets the basic system requirements as stated online. Does anyone use V9 on an XP system like mine without problems? I have no desire to switch operating systems at present, and I do not plan to have my software "talk to the internet." I prefer working offline so no desire to use certain features that "link." Also, would you recommend GOLD over the SILVER edition? I am hoping to grow in my use and knowledge of features and think GOLD would be preferred, especially since I won't be able to upgrade later. Which version do you use and prefer? Is SILVER ok for most users? I guess I am a bit squeemish about making a purchase days before it's discontinuation, but I have an older version that I love and wish I had upgraded sooner. My concern also pertains to the questions I might have as time progresses, but I can see this forum is very helpful. Also, I have acquired the 4 DVD set some time ago which should help also.I hate to pass up V9 if it is indeed superior to other genealogy programs. Thank you all for your comments. Carol
  8. I had considered purchasing an updated version of TMG this summer, and just read the announcement of it being discontinued. I need to move on this before Oct 1st. I still want to purchase it. But having read over another posting under TMG v.9.3 is not working, I am wondering if an older version is a possibility? In that post, a member suggested V8.08 specifically. Just tried calling support line, it is super busy. I am guessing 8 is not available for purchase... so are folks here here content with 9 and its changes? Or do they prefer 8? Why? UPDATE- Got to speak to support line. Cannot buy an older version. Only newest.