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  1. Renumbering

    Hi, I was in a rush and was renumbering my group of 3500 people and started a new renumber of group starting with #1. I accidently brought up son of number 1 and now no. 1 who is really no. 2 and now 1 is no. 3500. I have since added another 3000 people. I read your renumbering advice and see the warning- not reversible. I am afraid to attempt a fix without checking with you. I was going to make a NEW data base of one guy -a new number 1- and try to merge the groups. Or I was going the save the all the info and delete #3500 (the real #1) and then add him as a father to the wrong #1 and see if I could renumber the group then. Sorry. Your advice is appreciated. Bill Mitchell