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  1. Thanks for the info, Jim. However, I have re-read the Exclude information help topic a couple of times, and I think it could be made clearer. I see under the main paragraph "NOTE: Exclusion markers cannot be used in Date fields." but there is no mention of other fields where they cannot be used that I can find under this topic. Under the section "Exclusion marker" in the third paragraph it says "This is an especially useful feature for charts, which have a limited space for place names", implying although not directly stating that exclusion markers can be used in place fields. I have used exclusion markers in the L1-L10 place fields successfully, so I presume they are supported there. I can work around the short place field issue, but I do think the help topic should be clarified as to the use of exclusion markers in place fields. Thanks again - Mark Johnson
  2. Hi - I am trying to find out if there is a way to use an exclusion marker in the Short Place field in the Master Place List. TMG help does not really say if certain fields cannot have an exclusion marker entered in them. When I put one in this field, the field prints in the Descendant Indented Narrative Report even when the Options - Miscellaneous tab has the Show excluded data and Show sensitive data checkboxes cleared. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me whether this is by design or not. Thanks for any information you can provide. - Mark Johnson