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  1. Bob Thank you for all your hard work and for having created such a wonderful program. Sam
  2. TMG-L

    information from ancestrys blog about the issue
  3. TMG in other operating systems

    From the article below: But the company will continue to offer security updates through Microsoft Security Essentials until July 14th, 2015. http://liliputing.com/2014/03/microsoft-unveils-free-windows-xp-migration-tool-advance-april-8th-support-shutdown.html
  4. TMG under Linux

    I tried TMG v8 under wine back on Dec 2011 and reported the issue. Bug:29429 - The Master Genealogist: Can't install because Installer buttons do not work. Have not tried it since October 2012, reading the bug it looks like other people/developers(?) have confirmed the issue but no work has been done on it. If you work out which version of wine you used I suggest updating the bug report or reply back here and I will update it. WineHQ AppDb Entry for TMG v8 For now I am staying with VirtualBox.
  5. Direct database access

    You can find more information here
  6. Foxpro platform

    http://www.whollygen...indpost&p=42491 Can find no other official statement at the moment?
  7. "Like This" button fails

    The "Like This" button fails with the following error:
  8. For those of you who do not follow the "RootsWeb: TMG-L Mailing list" "Jim Byram" reported the following from the Whollygenes cruise Re: [TMG] V8
  9. You may also want to add the following to your toolbar: Under View=>Toolbars=>Customize, scroll down the Unused Buttons list and select the Toggle Relative auto-tag" option...this toggles the auto-relationship tag on and off... from Lee Hoffman: Add "Toggle Relative auto-tag"
  10. Adding Slideshow to SS family website today. Thank you, was not aware of that
  11. Works great on my new HP Touchpad
  12. Moving away from TMG

    Personally I do not worry, I suggest you use something like a virtual PC (virtualbox , vmware, parrarell's etc) and run TMG in it's own space. Some of your options for the transfer of your complete data base without using GEDCOM might be to have a look at the following discussion about "Database schema feature request" and look at TMG page on wikipedia about Migration from TMG using Non GEDCOM exports of TMG
  13. Wish List: For this Forum

    Hello, Would it please be possible to turn on IP.Board's RSS (Really Simple Syndication) webfeed so I can read the updated forum messages in Google Reader? Bonus for the main websites changes. Documentation on IP Boards website How about with a cherry on top
  14. Hi MJW, welcome to the forum, You mention you are running The Master Genealogist v7.02, are you aware and have you installed the update to v7.04? Why are you manually trying to modify an exported GEDCOM, in what way is the export wrong, does another program say this? What is this GYM cd you talk about , do you have a web link we can look at? What version of Windows 7 are you running 32bit or 64bit? Did you email Whollygenes Support? What is the "This is a known issue and we are working on it." that you talk about? You mention "I'll be spending hundreds of hours reconstructing. " did your database become corupted? Please provide more information.
  15. Loading of The Master Genealogist

    Hi Aileen, you seem to be talking about multiple issues here, Did The Master Genealogist v7 install successfully on your New Windows 7 computer? Or did you move The Master Genealogist v7 to your new computer with installing? Do you mean the you exit "The Master Genealogist v7" and shutdown the computer? Then you turn on the computer and The Master Genealogist v7 loads automatically with no interaction from you? Or The Master Genealogist v7 shows a previous session you had been working on and thats why you see the VCF chart? Please provide more information?
  16. The Future for TMG

    Dust settles and now for some good news from Bob Velke
  17. For reference spotted the following blog post "Frustrated by GEDCOM incompatabilities" in which DearMYRTLE talk about her experience trying to import a Rootsmagic created GEDCOM in UTF-8 format in to TMG and ends up downloading Legacy Family Tree to create a GEDCOM in ANSI format as recommended here. Can Rootsmagic (which I don't use) output ANSI format GEDCOM's?
  18. Something to keep an eye on for those of you who are interested. Looks to be an attempt to revive and update the GEDCOM standard. DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog: Build a BetterGEDCOM and the BetterGEDCOM Wiki Is'nt this like what Bob was involved with many years ago? Not sure I like the name, sort of reminds me of not butter!.
  19. Upgrade to v7

    Looks like your using Windows XP, if this is correct download the following from microsoft Visual C++ 6 runtime libraries , install and restart your pc and then see if that resolves your issue?
  20. Networking

    Yes networking works with Windows 7 but be aware that it matters which edition of Windows 7 you have as one pc (Home Premium edition or better) needs to create the group that the other PC can join (Microsoft call the feature Homegroup)
  21. Can someone please check if they are having the same issue as me. I was trying to view tmg's help file (pressed F1) and it came up with a blank page and would not display any of the help file. I could see the chapters & sections tree and was able to expand it out. Strangely I could open tmg's help file from the start>all programs etc menu and the help file displays correctly, so I guess I'll use that method for now. I could also open tmgs help file correctly by selecting it from tmg's directory in windows explorer. Is it only happening on my system? The only change I have made to my system was the Microsoft security updates this morning. Did microsoft change something? Using Windows XP SP3 patched until today. tmg pressing f1 for help - blank page Using Start Menu to open tmg's help - works Using windows explorer to open TMG.chm - works
  22. Reinstalled TMG7.04 and issue went away! Not sure what the issue was.
  23. Error code: OLE error code, 0x80040154

    Same issue reported here Follow Jim's recomendation except for version 7.04 (the latest version of tmg) and report back your result please
  24. Error code: OLE error code, 0x80040154

    Which version of tmg? Is it the latest v7.04?
  25. The Future for TMG

    Ray, You may also use Mocakebi to view projects (read only) created by TMG v4.x, v5.x, v6.x, and v7.x. (not sure about the comming v8.x) and the best part it is free and approved by Bob Velke from Whollygenes. Mocabebi is installed as part of On This Day from John Cardinal (thanks John) which is a great program for showing birthdays and anniversaries to your relatives. Sam Previously Discussed here