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  1. Thanks Terry, I appreciate your explanation. Now I will need to review my entry method to put it into practice and then edit to remove the duplications. To date I have only produced heirarchy type reports such as 'Descendants of .......'. I am looking into producing narratives and can see that I will have to learn more about sentence construction. If I edit the sentence construction in a tag assigned to a person, does the edit apply only to that person, or does it change all tags of that type? I have bookmarked your 'Terry's TMG Tips' page. Lots and lots of reading to do there. Thanks for putting so much work into it. I see that the TMG user guide is 480 pages and your work expands more on that so there's a lot to learn about using TMG effectively. I don't plan to use GEDCOM any time soon so there's no problem. Regards, John
  2. Thanks Terry, I have used witness for some of my own family members to try it out. Definitely does the job. But I need to get my head around the proper use of tags because it seems to produce a superflous tag (I work in aviation engineering where we strive to not duplicate data). e.g. My wife definitely witnessed the birth of our son, so should she be added as a witness? and then a witness to his arrival home (residence) a week later? Also I witnessed the same birth and then become a witness to the same event as my wife for his residence. Another seemingly superflous tag. The next entry in both our tag lists is then 'son-Bio" which must exist. I would welcome further feedback from you about this. I tried the Copy Tag command in the Add tag window but only ended up with a duplicate template, not a copy of the tag with details filled in, which is the cause of my post. Then the penny dropped and I looked on the 'Add' dropdown on the menu bar and there it was. Your advice worked a treat.. Copy simplifies the above situation. John
  3. Source types

    Thanks Terry, As far as I know I am using the US version as I do not recall requesting the UK version. My 'about TMG' window does not show anything about UK. Mine displays " Gold Edition v 7.01.0000 So my question remains - How do I get the email source template to display?
  4. I am entering data for a family of 2 adults and 5 children. For about 10 years and several changes of location, the place of residence is identical for all. How do I duplicate or copy the tags from one family member to all the others without having to re-enter it for each. Overall there are about 9 tags each which means having to create 63 tags when 9 will do the job. Using f3 just doesn't cut down the workload enough,
  5. Over time I have defined a place 3 different ways by putting the same data in different fields. On editing them, they are now identical. How do I reduce them to one only without loosing the links to the Person / tag they refer to.
  6. Source types

    I am using TMG V7 Gold. I am reading Terry's Source tutorial where he describes in Step-by-step, defining a new source. The source type he uses is 'email' and he describes choosing it from a drop-down list. My version does not list 'email' as an available type. I need to use this type. How do I get it?
  7. I am using TMG V7 Gold. I recently changed my email address and advised Wholly Genes. When I use <help> <About TMG> the popup window displays my old email address which is now inactive. How do I change this to the correct address?